What Is Pita Bread Pizza?

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Pita bread pizza is a type of pizza that uses pita bread as the crust of a small pizza. This type of pizza is fast and easy to make. Recipes vary and run the gamut from traditional Italian pizza to more exotic varieties, some of which are inspired by the Mediterranean origins of pita bread. These mini pizzas are easy to cook, and can be prepared with almost any source of heat.

Normal pizza dough is a yeast bread and can take several hours or longer to prepare. Even versions that are based on baking powder instead of yeast take a fair bit of prep work. Pita bread pizza, in contrast, is very simple to prepare. This style of small pizza uses ready-made pita bread as crust, and then adds toppings.

Almost any sort of pita bread can be used. White pita bread more closely approximates ordinary pizza crust. Whole wheat pita bread, gluten-free pita bread, or nearly any other variety can be used if desired. In most cases, regardless of the type of bread used, it is a good idea to lightly brush the pita bread with olive oil to add flavor and make a crispier crust.


Recipes for pita bread pizza are often quite simple and easy to prepare. An American-style pizza can be made by adding a bit of pasta or pizza sauce and cheese to a pita. Herbs and spices such as garlic and oregano can be used to add a bit of extra zip to this style of pizza, and any topping normally found on a pizza can be added.

Many other varieties of pita bread pizza are possible. A more authentically Italian miniature pizza can be made by using cheese, fresh tomato, basil, and other light toppings instead. Other recipes draw on influences from further east in the Mediterranean world. These styles of pita bread pizza may use ingredients such as fresh spinach, onion, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives.

The cooking of a pita bread pizza can be accomplished in a variety of ways. They can easily be baked in a conventional oven and require relatively little cooking time, as the pita bread crust is already fully-cooked. A toaster oven can easily be used in place of a conventional oven, so long as it can safely accommodate the pita bread.

This type of pizza is a favorite among campers. It can be prepared in a pan over a campfire, and if the amount of oil is kept to a minimum, it can also be grilled. Some campers also use special pizza-makers to create small campfire pizzas with toppings held between two slices of bread.


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Post 2

I see where some major chain sandwich shops are now making pizza on pita bread now. They might call it a flat bread pizza, but to me the crust is closer to pita bread. They use a special flash oven to melt their cheese and heat the bread. I like it because I can choose from a lot of toppings not always available at traditional pizza places.

Pita bread is easier to find in grocery stores than it used to be, and there are pizza sauces made especially for snack pizzas on flat bread, English muffins, bagels or pita bread. Just add your favorite pizza-friendly cheeses and toppings.

Post 1

When I worked in a deli as a sandwich maker, I sold a lot of pita pizza, especially to younger customers. I used a commercial sandwich steamer to melt the cheese and soften the pita bread. I don't know if those results could be duplicated with regular kitchen equipment, though. I tried using a microwave, but it didn't have the same mouthfeel as a steamed pizza on pita bread.

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