What Is Pistachio Pudding?

K. McKinsey

Pistachio pudding is a thick, creamy food product that includes pistachio nuts or pistachio flavoring. Like the nuts that give the pudding its name, pistachio pudding generally is green in color. Usually, the cook will create a paste of crushed pistachios to flavor the pudding. This flavorful, sweet pudding originates in Western Europe and is also consumed most commonly in the United States and Australia.

Cornstarch is typically used to thicken pudding.
Cornstarch is typically used to thicken pudding.

In addition to pistachios, the homemade version of this pudding incorporates several basic pudding ingredients. These include eggs, milk, sugar and cornstarch. Almond pieces are sometimes added for extra texture.

Some recipes for pistachio pudding call for the addition of almonds or other nuts.
Some recipes for pistachio pudding call for the addition of almonds or other nuts.

Pistachios contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Of all types of nuts commonly consumed by people, pistachios have been found to have the highest potassium content. Other beneficial nutrients found in pistachios are dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Consumers will sometimes choose pistachio pudding that comes as a dry, boxed mix. Boxed pudding is cheaper and requires less time to prepare than the homemade equivalent. The preparation time for powdered pudding mixes can be as little as five minutes. Pudding made from fresh ingredients retains more of the natural pistachio flavor and demands a longer preparation time.

It's not uncommon for pistachio pudding to be served by itself or with only whipped cream as a topping. Thanks to its sweet flavor and smooth texture, pistachio pudding is usually served as a dessert food. Many cake, pie and other dessert recipes make use of pistachio pudding as a filling. Usually, boxed pudding is chosen for the purpose of filling pies and other baked goods.

Another common use for dry pistachio pudding is in pistachio salad. Often called by a different name that can vary from one region to another, this type of fruit salad typically is made by combining dry pistachio pudding, sliced or chopped pineapple, cherry juice and non-dairy whipped cream substitute. Pistachio salad is best served at room temperature or chilled.

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