What Is Pistachio Cream?

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Pistachio fans might enjoy the treat known as pistachio cream, a rich substance comparable to dense peanut butter in its consistency. Tasting simply of mashed pistachios, it is often employed in desserts, as well as breakfast foods or sauces. Like the nut it is made from, pistachio cream is green, and typically is packaged in a glass or plastic jar, though pop-top cans of the paste are also available.

While it is considered difficult to spread, pistachio cream can be enjoyed on toast or a sandwich much like other nut butters. It is more popularly used, however, in cooking. A common way to use the cream is in the baking of muffins, breads, and other treats. Breakfast meals, such as waffles and oatmeal, can be enhanced with the cream, as can any dessert with a nut topping desired.

Much of the world's pistachio cream is produced in Italy. Italians use the paste frequently in cooking, though it is especially preferred in desserts in the country. The Italian nougat candy known as torrone sometimes includes the ingredient. Gelato, a denser form of ice cream, is often produced with the pistachio paste. Pistachio butter can also be used in such recipes.


Using pistachio cream in cake baking can add a tasty variable to many recipes. Italian pistachio cream cake is usually made with the ingredient. The cake is made up of a traditional log-shaped cake with a cream-filled center. Glazed and garnished with pistachios, the cake is visually appealing, and can make an elegant gift or dessert centerpiece during a fine dining experience.

For those who prefer it, organic pistachio cream is also available. These are typically nut desserts made with both organic pistachios as well as organic sugar. These ingredients should be free of pesticides and unwanted chemicals in order for the entire product to be classified as organic cream.

Though most people purchase their pistachio products from specialty food stores or Italian grocers, this cream may be made at home if desired. This can be done by shelling and blanching pistachios in water, then blending them with a few other ingredients. These may include sugar, butter, and cream.

A Pistachio Cream can also refer to an alcoholic beverage. It can be made with pistachio liqueur, vanilla ice cream, and an additional liquor of choice. Brandy is most often employed for the recipe. After being blended together, the ingredients are typically served in a champagne flute.


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