What is Phytoestrogen Cream?

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Phytoestrogen cream is a cream used by many women to help correct hormonal imbalance caused by menopause, normal menstrual fluctuations or other issues. Its main components are various phytoestrogens, which are compounds derived from plants such as soy, black cohosh, saw palmetto and other common herbs that affect the body in much the same way that estrogen does but usually in a milder fashion. To use phytoestrogen cream, it is applied to an area of the skin where it can be absorbed easily, such as the upper chest, inner arms and wrists. Most women who use this cream use it to counter symptoms of menopause, but it also can help with hormone fluctuations related to perimenopause, menstruation, use of birth control pills or other situations that lead to hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of menopause and perimenopause can be very disruptive to a woman's life. They include urinary incontinence, skin problems such as breakouts and acne, hot flashes, low libido and even painful intercourse because of vaginal dryness. Using phytoestrogen cream can help alleviate many of these symptoms by helping even out the balance of the hormones that cause these side effects. It can also help even out mood swings, anxiety and other emotional symptoms that also are often associated with hormone imbalance.


Using phytoestrogens to combat symptoms of menopause came to the attention of doctors who noticed that menopausal symptoms seem to be much less debilitating for women in Eastern cultures than in Western cultures. In addition, women from Eastern cultures who moved to the West experienced the same kind of debilitating symptoms of menopause often suffered by Western women. This seemed to be directly related to the Eastern diet, which is much higher in soy, vegetables and other foods that contain phytoestrogens. From these observations came the development of phytoestrogen cream.

There are several kinds and brands of phytoestrogen cream on the market. Before choosing a specific cream, it is important to review the ingredients and consult with a doctor to be sure that those ingredients will not adversely interact with any other medications. Many doctors will also be willing to recommend a specific phytoestrogen cream that they feel will be best for a patient's individual needs. For women struggling with hot flashes, mood swings and other symptoms of menopause, perimenopause or hormonal imbalance, phytoestregen cream can be helpful in bringing their lives back to normal.


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Being a 52 year old female, and struggling with the many symptoms of menopause now (like most baby-boomers these days) the nighttime insomnia and night sweats, mood swings, etc., have gotten to be unbearable.

My sister in law has been using the Source Natural phytoestrogen cream, and it's taken care of all of that.

Just bought a 2 oz. tub, and hopefully will have the same results. Will keep you posted.

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