What is Phyto?

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Phyto, also known as Phytophanere, Phytotherathrie, Phytologie, and others, is a plant-based dietary supplement touted as a solution for lifeless hair and brittle nails. Common ingredients in phyto are products found in natural foods, such as carrot oil, wheat germ oil, borage seed oil, fish oil, brewer’s yeast, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

The usual suggested dosage is two caplets once a day for at least four months to appreciate improvement, but ingredients of phyto vary by manufacturer. Extended use is said to promote hair growth, strengthen nails, and improve the elasticity of skin, providing a more youthful, glowing, healthy appearance. Though many foods contain these same ingredients, they are not typically found in the dosage required to dramatically affect hair, nail, and skin growth, so phyto supplementation is an easier route for those who wish to test the medicinal properties these “super” nutrients.

Individual attributes of phyto supplement ingredients include the items below.

Carrot oil has been used as an aid for dry, chapped skin for years, and it’s considered a valuable supplement for hair and skin in Japan, where it’s been in use for over 2000 years.


Wheat germ oil is tied to metabolism and operates at a cellular level to improve overall cell functioning, which results in healthier, more youthful, skin and hair. Often included in supplements promoted as energy boosters, wheat germ oil has been used by athletes for years as a concentrated form of nutrients, as it is also said to improve cardiovascular function, and improve reaction time.

Borage seed oil, extracted from the "Starflower," is most commonly known as an immune system booster in the holistic health circles, and it also improves nerve function. This has a positive impact on dry, flaky skin, and limp, lifeless hair. In addition, it is also taken to treat rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, diabetic neuropathy, and cardiovascular disease.

Fish oil aids skin elasticity which, in turn, promotes a more youthful appearance, and it also boosts cell growth. Its benefits have also been linked to eyesight, heart disease, lupus, arthritis, and depression.

Since its introduction as a dietary supplement promoting hair, skin, and nail health, phyto has also found its way to a line of beauty products said to further enhance appearance. It has become a mainstream beauty buy, both in supplement form as well as an addition to various beauty products, including shampoos, conditioners, bath products, hair balms, and styling products.


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Post 10

I just got my bottle today, and after reading about the side effects, found out it can raise cholesterol and cause acne. I should have asked my daughter before ordering off the internet.

Post 9

I am so happy I stumbled upon this article! I have had coarser, more frizzy and lifeless hair for the past couple years. Believe it or not, my lifeless hair has had me in a funk for quite a while.

I can not wait to go to the store and buy the phyto supplements and phyto shampoo and conditioner. I have hated my hair and my hair has hated me for far too long.

I have been taking multi-vitamins, but I just think this has helped my overall inner health, not my overall outer health.

Post 8

I wonder how effective the beauty products that contain phyto are since you use them topically.

I would guess for the best results that you would need to take the supplement internally. It sounds like it has to get down to the cellular level to cause some changes to the immune system, and improve the use of energy. That process may cause the hair to be stronger and thicker. The quality of the nails and the skin could also be improved.

I'm just saying that for any permanent changes to be made, you would need to take the supplement inside your body.

The beauty products, like shampoo and creams would probably only result in a temporary improvement.

Post 7

Since phyto contains natural oils and other natural ingredients, I would be more likely to try these products.

If the Japanese have been using one ingredient of phyto, carrot oil, for 2,000 years, people must be having some success with smoother skin, thicker, healthier hair and nails.

It makes sense to use this supplement, since unhealthy hair, nails and skin indicates that you aren't getting enough of the ingredients in the food you eat.

Post 6

I love it when a product works like it says it will. This is how I feel about the phyto relaxer hair balm I have.

This really helped my coarse, thick hair be straighter. It wasn't completely straight but I was OK with that because it doesn't strip my hair and leave it damaged.

It also keeps it from looking frizzy and I love how soft my hair feels after I use it. Because I had such good results with this, I have used some of their other beauty products that I like as much as the hair balm.

Post 5

I started taking a phyto dietary supplement that is specifically for hair and nails. It seems like once I turned 40 I noticed a big difference in my hair and nails.

My nails cracked easier and seemed to be more brittle, and my hair felt coarse and dry. The instructions on the bottle say to take this for 4 months.

I have been taking this for 3 months and have already noticed a difference. Even though it seems like a slow process, I figure it didn't get this way overnight so I shouldn't expect fast changes either.

Post 4

I use a phyto shampoo and conditioner, and it has improved my hair’s appearance. I can’t usually tell much difference between shampoos, unless they are really cheap or really high quality. The phyto product is a little pricier, and I see why.

My hair had become thinner than it was a few years ago, and it seemed to be drier as well. I lost a lot of hair in the shower every night. I decided to try a better product and see if anything could be done to help it.

After using the shampoo and conditioner for about a week, I noticed that I wasn’t losing as much hair as I had been. My hair seemed shinier and softer, like it had finally found happiness.

I have been using phyto hair products ever since, and I probably always will. I didn’t think that anything could save my limp locks, but I was wrong.

Post 3

I use a phyto hair mask to tame my frizzy, dry hair. I have noticed a big difference in its texture and appearance since I started using it two months ago.

This mask is made of plant butter. It smooths the scales of my hair, so overall, my hair looks shiny and holds together better.

My friend who has naturally curly hair uses this mask as well, and she says that it brings out her curls better, because the frizz lies down and all you can see is the shape.

I put it on my hair after I get out of the shower and towel dry it. I only use a small amount, and I run a comb through my hair to distribute it. After five minutes, I rinse it off, and my hair looks great once it dries.

Post 2

Though he doesn’t care anything about looking younger, my dad takes fish oil supplements for the health benefits. He is seventy-three years old, and he wants to stave off heart disease and control his arthritis.

He is already on several types of manufactured medicine, and he doesn’t want to add anything unnatural to the list of stuff he has to take. Since fish oil supplements are made from nature, he feels safe taking them.

He says that they do have a side effect that is pretty unpleasant. Whenever he burps, he has the worst taste in his mouth. The fish oil dissolves in his system, and though he can’t taste it while he’s swallowing it, he can taste

it after it’s in his stomach.

I have smelled a bottle of fish oil before, and it is probably the worst smell I have ever had the misfortune of inhaling. I won’t even say what it reminds me of, because that is too gross.

Post 1

I didn’t know that starflower had any holistic value! I have a starflower vine growing in my yard along my fence. The blooms are tiny, and I never imagined they could be used as medicine.

I wish I could just eat one and it would work, but you never know which parts of plants happen to be poisonous and which are beneficial. Since it might kill me, I’ll probably just buy some borage seed oil.

I have arthritis, and I can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs because of a kidney condition I have. Maybe I could take borage seed oil instead. I guess I should ask my doctor just to be safe.

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