What Is Pheromone Cologne?

S. Gonzales

Pheromone cologne is a type of cologne that is used by individuals who are seeking to attract sexual mates. The cologne can be advertised as containing pheromones, or human chemical signatures, that are associated with sexual attraction. The goal of wearing this type of cologne is to help increase the possibility of attracting mates through the sense of smell, which can be a subconscious sexual cue. The actual ingredients included in colognes such as these can be dubious, and the results can vary considerably.

A bottle of cologne.
A bottle of cologne.

When individuals opt to use pheromone cologne, they usually are doing so to attract mates. Some individuals use pheromone cologne as a way to encourage attraction in those who smell the fragrance. Sexual arousal might or might not result from the smelling of pheromone cologne.

Manufacturers of pheromone cologne may claim that it helps a person seem more sexually attractive.
Manufacturers of pheromone cologne may claim that it helps a person seem more sexually attractive.

Ingredients in pheromone colognes can include some chemical formulations, but they can also contain plant extracts. Some supposed pheromone colognes might just be a blend of plant extracts that have reputations for attracting the opposite sex. For example, cinnamon might be used in a cologne formulation because of its reputation for being a natural aphrodisiac.

Using pheromone cologne can increase intimacy in a relationship.
Using pheromone cologne can increase intimacy in a relationship.

Pheromone colognes can be specifically marketed to those individuals who might have trouble attracting or interacting with potential mates. Some products have names that are meant to convey to potential buyers that attraction and social interaction with others will improve if they buy and use the specific product being advertised. Certain manufacturers might even go so far as to claim on packaging that improvements will be seen in social and intimate situations after the use of the products.

There are products on the market that advertise the ingredients of human sexual pheromones. Some claims associated with these products might include better luck in attracting mates, better performance in social situations, higher degrees of relaxation and increased mood. Disclaimers attached to these products, however, can stipulate that results will vary between individuals.

Indeed, the success of these products in any of these areas can greatly depend on the attitude of the wearer. It is possible that these goals can be achieved while wearing pheromone cologne, but it might be just as likely that the wearer will experience success in attracting a mate because the wearer expects to do so. In cases like these, the pheromone cologne acts somewhat like a placebo, and any positive results that the wearer experiences can be directly traced back to the wearer's anticipation and expectations that the cologne will produce results.

Pheromones might be used before going out to a club or event in the hopes of attracting a partner.
Pheromones might be used before going out to a club or event in the hopes of attracting a partner.

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@anamur-- I think that pheromone colognes and perfumes can be really beneficial in different ways. But since we don't know enough about pheromones in general, using it does carry some risks and it works differently for different people. I have a friend who tried pheromone cologne to attract the opposite sex and claimed that it did exactly the opposite for him.

But I've also heard some really great things about them and the ones that are said to improve mood interests me the most. Apparently this cologne changes the mood of people around us positively. If it's true, that's really cool.

I wonder if pheromone cologne could work on the person wearing it too? For example, if someone is in a depression, could they come out of it by wearing the mood-boosting pheromone cologne all the time? That would be the best anti-depression drug ever!


@anamur-- I don't think that pheromone cologne is so effective that it manipulates people's feelings and actions.

Plus, pheromone cologne isn't just for sexuality, there are many different types used for different applications. I have the best pheromone cologne that is mild enough to wear to work. I'm a salesperson and this cologne is really beneficial for gaining customers' trust easily and my sales have increased since I've started using it.

I don't think of this as manipulation. If we have the capability to know about and use pheromones to make our life easier in different ways, then why not? It would be a shame not to take advantage of it.


I'm really curious about the effects of pheromones on emotions and attraction to the opposite sex. I've wondered into conversations and forums that discuss this topic many times.

What I've witnessed is that people who tend to use pheromone cologne are not very social or just have a hard time finding a girlfriend/boyfriend and being in a healthy and physical relationship with them. I absolutely understand where they're coming from and I'm glad that they want to improve their relations with the opposite sex.

But some people use pheromone cologne to achieve something which would not happen naturally. They even speak about people whom they like and want to be with as "targets." I think that's really wrong because I do think that human pheromone cologne works to some extent. It's like manipulating that person's hormones and emotions to make them be with you even though they don't want to in reality.

Why would anyone want such a superficial contact or relationship with someone they like? Isn't it much better to seek professional help to improve communication and social skills so that you can develop good emotional and physical relationships with people naturally?

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