What is Personnel Training?

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Personnel training is the process of orienting and educating employees in the workplace. In many cases, this form of training is associated with entry-level education that helps to prepare new employees for the work they will do. At other times, personnel training involves continuing or remedial education opportunities for long-term employees. In either case, staff that is devoted to the task of personnel management and training usually develops the training policies and procedures.

The nature of a corporate personnel training program will vary, depending on the function and purpose of the company. For example, a conference call bureau would normally have a formal training period for new hires who are destined for assignment to positions such as customer service representatives or conference operators. A textile company would hold training that focuses more on the operation of specific machines on the plant floor. The underlying goal of this type of training effort is to ensure that each employee has what he or she needs to successfully manage the responsibilities associated with the position he or she will eventually occupy.


While the bulk of the actual training is focused on the tasks each employee will perform, there is also general information provided about the company. Personnel training programs usually include sessions where the new employees are given background on the company, the goals and mission statement of the business, and general information about relevant company policies and procedures. Information of this type helps employees to know in advance how to deal with just about any situation, from how to change withholding on wages to what process is followed to request time off.

Not all personnel training is done at the point of hire. Many companies also offer continuing education opportunities for long-term employees. Training sessions of this type may include advance orientation related to new products or operational changes that will affect how those employees handle their daily tasks. In some cases, such as with continuing sales training, the focus may be to introduce the sales force to new techniques or technologies that will help them in their efforts to secure more business for the company.

Remedial training is also a common form of personnel training. Training of this type if often utilized in an attempt to salvage an employee who is having trouble complying with his or her assigned responsibilities. The idea is to provide the employee with every chance to become more proficient in the performance of those responsibilities, thus protecting the investment that the company has already made in the individual.

While larger corporations usually operate their own personnel training program, smaller companies may choose to outsource these functions. Corporate trainers can design a workable training program that is provided when and as the company needs this service. Trainers sometimes charge a per hour fee, while others will charge a flat fee for one complete training period.


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Post 6

This course will provide all the background knowledge required to both identify, attract and engage potential customers. sales training courses

With a strong focus on improving sales conversion rates, the course is ideal for anyone wishing to take their sales expertise to the next level.

Post 4

GreenWeaver-I know that manager training is also important because it reduces the overall employee turnover. Soft skill training is critical for managers because many people do not realize how they may come off when they speak to someone.

Because a manager has a certain degree of power over the employee when a manager uses a negative or threatening tone with an employee it magnifies the negative situation for the employee and causes the employee to feel stressed.

If the employee is stressed for a prolonged period of time, the employee will tend to be burnt out and may leave the company.

In order to avoid these types of situations from occurring, many companies offer a series of soft skills training courses for their managers to ensure that they speak to their employees in a respectful manner.

Employee morale is important for enhanced productivity and company growth which is why these training classes are necessary.

Post 3

Crispety-I know that the human resource training department often puts sales development training seminars together.

Usually courses pertaining to adding to the sales transaction and increasing the average unit sales or the amount of every sales transaction help the company’s bottom line.

They also offer courses showing employees how to schedule appointments and close a sale.

These tend to be difficult aspects of the sales process that sales people generally need more training on in order to be successful.

These are also areas that provide the highest return on investment which is why many companies focus on this form of training.

Customer retention is also important because about 80% of people that have bad experience

tell on average of eight to twenty other people, so it may take years for a company to develop a good reputation and only a single moment to ruin it.

This is also why companies spend millions training employees and screening calls and performing mystery shops so that the company can see how a typical customer is received. This also helps the company judge what type of personnel training and development is needed.

Post 2

Sunny27-I know that there is hr training available for those in the field of human resources. The

Society for Human Resource Management offers certification training and preparation for the exams to earn a Professional in Human Resources certification, the Senior Professional in Human Resources and the Global Professional in Human Resources certificate.

This human resources training is invaluable and offers additional compensation and opportunities for those with experience in the human resources field. Hr Training like this makes any human resource department stand up and take notice of the applicant.

Post 1

Training of personnel is usually done when there is as a new product launch, or a software upgrade that may require certain changes in the way the employee performs their work.

Sometimes the department of personnel training might schedule a series of soft skills training as well as sales development training.

Personnel development training can be a motivating force for the employee. Many look forward to soft skills training that pertain to customer service. Often the trainer will ask questions of the participants and this interactive measure makes the training more memorable and fun.

Also, employees get to talk to other employees and share common work experiences. They also get training on how to handle difficult situations and realize that they are not the only ones that have to deal with conflict.

Offering this form of training helps the employee satisfy the customer in a more appropriate fashion which in turn makes them feel more competent as a result.

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