What is Perfume Lotion?

B. Miller

Perfume lotion is a type of scented lotion that is applied to the skin both for its moisturizing properties and because it leaves a pleasing fragrance behind. This type of lotion can be a great alternative to perfume, particularly because perfume can be so strongly scented. Perfume lotion is often available in scents to match popular perfumes as well.

Perfume lotion may come in a tube.
Perfume lotion may come in a tube.

Perfume lotion is simply lotion that contains an added fragrance in addition to its emollient and moisturizing ingredients. It typically contains essential oils to give it the fragrance, but in a much lower concentration than is found in spray perfume, or even in a body spray. When the perfume lotion is applied to the skin, the lotion moisturizes the skin and provides a subtle fragrance. Many people choose to use this type of scented fragrance lotion every day as part of a skin care routine; it is important to try the scented lotion first before making a purchase, and to leave the scent on the skin all day to determine if it interacts well with one's body chemistry.

Perfumed body cream helps hydrate the skin and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.
Perfumed body cream helps hydrate the skin and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.

There are many different scents available in perfume lotion, and they are available in discount drugstore versions all the way up to expensive designer versions. Many perfume lotions are standalone fragrances, and are created just to be used as a lotion. Others correspond to perfumes, and are often sold in a gift pack when purchasing a bottle of expensive perfume.

The lotion then contains the exact matching scent of the perfume, and can be reapplied throughout the day to freshen the fragrance without needing to spray more perfume. Another option is to simply wear the scented lotion alone; many people choose to apply perfume lotion to the neck and arms, for example, to give the sense that one is wearing perfume without actually having to apply the perfume.

Perfume lotion is typically intended for use on the body, and should not be used on the face. It has the potential to clog the pores or to irritate the skin due to the included fragrance. Hand and foot lotions that contain perfume are popular as well, and may be used regularly. Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to apply scented lotion if one has already applied a different perfume; the two scents could mingle and create an unpleasant scent. Use an unscented body lotion for dry skin if one has already applied perfume.

Perfume lotion is typically intended for use on the body.
Perfume lotion is typically intended for use on the body.

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My favorite perfume brand had a sale last week and I bought the perfume lotion because I figured it smells exactly the same and I could use it as a touch up when I'm at work. I obviously can't carry a whole bottle of perfume to work with me.

It does smell the same, the problem is that it has shimmer in it! I have no idea why they did this, I don't really like shimmer in lotions. I have used one before when I was going out at night for a special occasion. But it's not something I can wear on a regular basis.

It doesn't look like I will be able to use this at all. Before I buy another perfume and body lotion, I'm going to ask if it has shimmer in it first.


@alisha-- I got one of those perfume lotion sets this past Christmas with the perfume body lotion and hand lotion. Not only does the perfume lotion have a much lighter scent than the perfume, but it actually smells nicer to me! I don't how that's possible but it is.

I actually ended up giving the perfume to my sister who liked it and I'm using the perfume lotion as the perfume. I put it on after a shower just as you do. It gives a very nice, light fragrance. It doesn't turn heads but whenever a friend or coworker comes close to me, they mention how good I smell.

I think perfume lotion is a great alternative for people who dislike heavy scents. I'm thinking of gifting one to my cousin actually because she hates heavy scents. She gets headaches from perfumes and has to avoid them. I think she will like a perfume lotion.


Almost all body lotions have a perfume of one kind or another in it these days. I don't really prefer the ones sold in regular because like the article said, it can counteract with other perfumes and create a weird scent. My husband also shares my body lotion, so I buy lotion with no scent that he can also use.

The only perfume lotion I use is the kind that comes with the perfume. I actually love these because it matches the perfume I'm wearing and extends the life of the scent. Usually, after a shower, I will apply the perfume body lotion first and then use the perfume on top. I smell great all day.

The only issue with this is that the perfume lotion runs out before the perfume does and I have to find more of the same lotion.

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