What Is Peach Syrup?

Jeri Sullivan

Peach syrup is a food product made from the juice of peaches. Syrup made from peaches is most often homemade but may also be commercially sold. Other peach products include peach preserves, peach jelly, canned peaches, and fresh peaches. Peaches are grown primarily in the southeastern United States and are harvested from early June through mid-July.


To make peach syrup, peaches are peeled and the pit is removed. The peeled peaches are then diced and added to a pot of water with sugar and cinnamon. The mixture is brought to a boil then simmered until the peaches are cooked down to a mushy consistency. After the mixture is removed from the heat and allowed to cool, it is run through a blender and pureed so it is fully liquefied. The syrup can then be stored in a refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Peach syrup is often used to top waffles.
Peach syrup is often used to top waffles.

Commercially sold peach syrup is often clear and thin instead of the thicker peach colored homemade version. Commercial manufacturers make the syrup by starting with a simple syrup of sugar and water then adding peach flavoring. Commercial manufacturers may add food coloring to their completed syrup to make the liquid appear darker or more peach in color. Additional chemicals may be added to help preserve the product and give the syrup a longer shelf life.

Some of the most common uses for peach syrup are for breakfast and dessert dishes. Pancakes and waffles with fresh cut peaches and syrup are a wonderful way to take advantage of peaches while at the peak of the season. Desserts such as flambes or peach ice cream are also simple ways to showcase fresh from the orchard peaches. Peach syrup can be warmed by simmering in a shallow pan on the stove top or heating for a few seconds in the microwave. If combining the syrup with ice cream, it is best to wait until just prior to serving to pour the syrup so the ice cream does not melt.

Peach syrup is also used as an ingredient in canned peaches or peach preserves. By using peach syrup instead of just a simple syrup or plain water, the canned peaches have an even stronger peach flavor. Peach preserves are made by adding sugar and water to cut peaches then cooking until soft. The mixture is poured into sterilized jars then peach syrup is added until the jar is filled. The lids are placed and the jars are processed in a hot water bath until the lids suction to the jar and form an airtight seal.

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