What is PC to Phone Software?

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PC to phone software is software designed to allow users to make and receive telephone calls over the Internet. Software of this type makes use of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, in order to create and transmit the audio signals securely and clearly. There are several benefits associated with the use of this type of software, including cost, efficiency of use and the secure nature of the transmissions, and simple convenience.

Because PC to phone software makes it possible to use the Internet to call any telephone number anywhere in the world, the software often greatly minimizes or even eliminates the costs associated with making long distance calls. In years past, charges to call across the world, or even across the country, were often very high. Since the transmission of this type of signal does not rely on using other types of telecommunication networks to establish the connection, the costs are significantly less. In fact, if both parties are sending and receiving using the software rather than one party making use of a traditional telephone switch, there may be no costs for the call at all.


The ease of use is another important benefit of PC to phone software. Many designs do not require the presence of an actual telephone to function, and in some cases may not even require a wire connection to a phone system. Thanks to the advent of wireless Internet phone service, it is now possible to use this type of software on laptops with a wireless connection, as well as loading the software on a desktop computer and using it to make and receive telephone calls. Most of the software versions include easy interface with address books residing on the system hard disk, making it easy to initiate a phone call. Most forms of the software also allow for services like Caller ID, making it easy to see who is attempting to connect with the user.

Security is often an important consideration when it comes to using PC to phone software. While there are differences in the security protocols used by different software packages, most are designed to encrypt the signal so that it is at least as secure as a traditional telephone line. In many instances, a call conducted using this type of software will be more secure than using phone lines, especially if software is in use at both the point of origin and the point of termination. For people who need to talk with someone on the other side of the globe, or even across town, and not be concerned about someone compromising the integrity of the signal, this type of software can be extremely advantageous.

PC to phone software is available in many office supply stores, as well as computer supply shops. There are also versions of the software that can be downloaded directly from the Internet, often for very little cost. For anyone who wants to make and receive phone calls via a laptop or a home desktop, this software may be the ideal solution.


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