What Is Passport Clothing?

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Losing a passport is hardship which can delay a traveler’s vacation and re-entry into their home country. Travelers are constantly torn between leaving their passports behind in their hotel rooms or carrying the passport with them. Carrying a passport everywhere means taking the chance of losing it or having it stolen while in a foreign city. One solution is passport clothing, an accessory that allows travelers to securely carry and conceal a passport on their bodies while traveling, minimizing the risk of being pickpocketed, accidentally losing the passport, or having it stolen from a hotel room.

The most common form of passport clothing is the passport holder. This type of holder comes in a variety of different styles based on the place it is worn. It is a thin passport-sized pouch, often with one pocket on each side to hold two passports. All of the pockets are sealed with either strong Velcro® or a zipper to prevent the passports from slipping out.

Neck passport holders are the most popular form of passport clothing. This type of holder is hung around the neck underneath clothing using an adjustable neck strap. A passport holder belt has an adjustable elastic waist strap and passport holder that is strapped around the waist under the clothing. This belt can hold the passport on the stomach or at the small of the back. Both the neck and waist holders are popular because when worn, the passport can be easily accessed without removing any clothing.


Passport holders are also made to fit around the arm or leg. The arm and leg holder is attached underneath the clothing using two adjustable elastic bands or two adjustable belts. A passport bra is a form of passport clothing alternative for women. This pouch is suspended around the neck with an adjustable neck strap and another strap that loops around the center, front part of the bra. With this type of holder, the passport rests on the chest between the breasts. Both of these holders are very secure, but it can be difficult to access the passport without removing some clothing.

A waistband passport pouch is a form of passport clothing that clamps to the waistband and rests inside the pants. The opening of the pouch is just above the waistband, making it easy to gain access to the passport. A passport security pocket sock is a sock with a zipper pocket on the lateral edge of the ankle. In the sock, the passport is secure, easily accessible, and concealed if worn with pants.


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