What Is Parsley Soup?

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Usually green, parsley soup is a type of healthy soup that uses fresh parsley as the primary ingredient. Quick and simple to make, parsley soup may or may not be vegetarian friendly depending on the type of liquid base used. Many version are not vegan friendly, however, because dairy is normally included.

Flat leaf parsley is normally the primary ingredient in parsley soup, though some versions add curly leaf parsley in addition to the flat leaf. Normally, both the leaves and the stems are used in the dish, and fresh spinach can also be added to supplement the parsley. Vegetables, such as leeks, onions, and celery, as well as garlic, are also often added, and potatoes or zucchini may be included as well. Additional seasonings may just consist of salt and black pepper but may also include other spices, like coriander. Lemon juice may be added to the soup, and smoked almonds are occasionally added for additional flavoring.


The liquid base for parsley soup may just be water or may include chicken or vegetable stock. If just water is used, a dry white wine may be mixed in for additional flavor. Powdered bullion, mixed with water, may also be used instead of stock. In addition to the liquid base, olive oil or butter is often used for cooking, and milk, cottage cheese, or double cream are frequently added to the soup to make it creamy. Additionally, flour or cornstarch may be used for thickening.

To make parsley soup, the parsley and most of the other vegetables are sauteed in butter or oil. Some versions will only sauteed the parsley stems, reserving the leaves until after the soup has mostly cooked. The liquid element is then usually added, and the soup is allowed to simmer. Any additional vegetables can be added at that time. Afterward, the mixture is pureed.

When cottage cheese is included, it is normally added before the mixture is pureed, but other dairy ingredients are usually added after the pureeing process. If the parsley leaves were not sauteed with the stems, they are added directly before the mixture is pureed as well. Afterward, the soup may or may not be strained.

Spices are usually used to season the soup after it has been pureed and return to the stove to reheat. If lemon juice is used, it is normally added as this time as well. When the soup is served, it may be garnished with parsley leaves.


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