What is Panthenol Cream?

Panthenol cream, also known as vitamin B5, is a skin care ingredient that has been increasingly used in skin care products. It is highly soluble and can easily be absorbed into the skin, which makes it an excellent ingredient in many skin care products. There are several benefits that panthenol has to the skin. Panthenol cream helps skin maintain natural moisture balance, keeps the skin smooth, reduces inflammation and irritation and can even counteract surface bacteria.

In some cases, panthenol is used in medications that treat skin disorders and afflictions. The skin afflictions could range from eczema to the treatment of scar damage. Unlike many other ingredients that have a range of side effects, panthenol doesn’t have any negative side effects.

Panthenol cream is essentially vitamin B5, so if the body receives it in excess, it should simply be released as waste. When panthenol penetrates and absorbs into the skin as a moisturizer the ingredient is converted into pantothenic acid, which is a B complex vitamin. In addition to its benefits to the skin, panthenol is often used in the hair as well. For many years the ingredient has been placed in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products.

Panthenol cream is intensely moisturizing because the ingredient can absorb water from the air, which aids in moisture retention. The ingredient can also work effectively at reducing wrinkles. Panthenol cream promotes moisture under the skin, so the skin will fill out or naturally stretch when the cream is applied. This stretching should erase fine lines and reduce the severity of wrinkles. Many anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin-care products use panthenol as an active ingredient.

Dermatologists also use the ingredient to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When applied to stretch marks, panthenol penetrates the skin and helps stimulate skin cell renewal. This can reduce the appearance or texture of existing stretch marks. Panthenol may work differently on each individual according to his or her skin type. One person may get quick results while others may see the benefits of the ingredient over time.

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Post 5

@rallenwriter: I also want a panthenol cream with organic ingredients, and no toxic chemicals. I looked in my Devita creams and they all have panthenol, but I wanted to get one where it is the main ingredient. Maybe just the cream base of coconut and panthenol and nothing else. Not sure if they make it as most companies refuse to list their ingredients online. With so many toxic ingredients and allergies, I don't know why anyone buys "blind" online.

@naturesgirl3: Collagen creams don't do anything because it won't penetrate your skin. You need ingredients that build collagen, such as vitamin C. My creams are coconut based and high in hyaluronic acid, look that up.

Other than that, panthenol is said

to moisturize the skin. We had an over 100F heat wave down here and my skin was so dry and so I upped my intake of B complex and sure enough, my skin improved and the fine lines under my eyes finally smoothed out. It's more what you eat than what you put on your face. I also drink white tea which helps with skin/collagen increase and take HA internally, the very best, along with L-proline the amino acid that builds collagen. Look up Dr Linus Pauling's formula of L-Proline, L-lysine and vit. C. I make that once in a while. Helps veins and collagen support. Hope this helps.
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Are there any organic cream washes out there that have Panthenol in them? I had heard that Kiehl's used to have one, but when I looked at their web site I didn't see one.

Are there any other ones out there that you all know of? I really want to try this!

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I heard about Panthenol cream a few years ago from a friend of mine who is a big friend of Kiehl's Panthenol Protein Moisturizing Face Cream, so I finally gave up my old Aveeno cream and tried it.

As far as moisturizing creams go, I really liked the way it felt and the way it smelled, but I didn't see the amazing overnight effects that some people talk about.

I'm still using it in hopes of seeing better effects down the road, and I would certainly recommend giving it a try, but more for the Panthenol part than any brand considerations -- I guess a better way to say it would be to say I love the effect that a Panthenol cream has, and whether this one or another, I'd recommend you try it at least once.

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What would be the benefit of using a Panthenol cream over collagen products? I have sensitive skin, so thus far I've been making do with aloe cleanser cream and a gentle collagen cream.

However, I've heard really good things about Panthenol, and was wondering if it would do any better than the sensitive skin creams that I'm using now?

I'm not one of those people who is just dying for younger looking skin, since I'm only in my early 30s, but I'd still like to keep on top of things so they don't get out of hand.

Can anybody advise me?

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i have a patient who used panthenol cream on face and he developed hyperpigmentation. Has anyone had the same? Thanks.

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