What is Pallet Shelving?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Also known as pallet racking, pallet shelving is a storage solution that makes it possible to store empty or loaded pallets vertically as well as horizontally. Composed of heavy metal components, the shelving is able to hold a number of heavy pallets without fear of collapse and damage to the goods stored on the pallets. In addition, the shelving is constructed to make it easy to use a forklift to store or retrieve the pallets from the device.

Pallet shelving is commonly used in warehouses.
Pallet shelving is commonly used in warehouses.

Pallet racking is commonly employed in many types of warehouses. The exact dimensions of the pallet racks will vary, depending on the sizes of the pallets used in the operation. It is possible to select from a range of standard size pallet shelving options, or have the shelving constructed to specifications if the business is using custom-made pallets as part of their storage solution.

Most designs for pallet shelving are open, meaning it is possible to view the pallets from any direction. One of the most common of all pallet shelving designs is known as the drive-in system. With this system, it is possible to use a forklift to store or extract a pallet by entering the frame of the shelving. Removing a pallet from the shelving involves sliding the lift blades into position between the top and bottom sections of the pallet, and backing out of the shelving with the extracted pallet.

A second pallet shelving system that is used in many cases is the drive-through design. This approach to pallet storage is very similar to the drive-in type, but has the advantage of being accessible from each end of the rack. Additional features available on these types of cantilever racks include the use of rollers to expedite the storage of pallets by allowing them to move easily to the rear of the shelf. Other designs are configured to allow the use of wheeled carts for the pallets to rest upon. The carts are mounted in the frame of the shelving and the wheels make it possible to move the pallet up and down the length of the shelf with ease.

Because pallet shelving is assembled using a series of supports and sections to create a sturdy frame of shelves, it is possible to tear down the frames and move them when necessary. However, when the pallet shelving is used in a warehouse, the frame is usually set in place, secured with bolts to prevent shifting and movement during loading and unloading, and will remain in the same location for a number of years.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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