What is Pager Notification?

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Pager notification is an alert system that instantly informs an individual to a new incoming message. Such messages may include a new email, voice mail, text message or an internal message from an employer. Alerts may be sent to a personal pager, also known as a personal beeper, or may be sent via a telephone paging service.

Wireless pagers, such as those used by doctors and other emergency personnel, make it easy for workers to be contacted by employers during times of critical need. By using pager notification devices, an audible alert is sent to a worker who may then retrieve messages electronically or may call a live operator for further details about the notification. While most alerts are audible, some are also silent and only feature a flashing light on the paging device indicating that a new alert has arrived.

While many people are accessible via cell phone, some also carry a wireless personal pager to be used by specific contacts. Pager notification systems on these devices alert an owner that a new email or text message is available for retrieval. Some small business owners use such devices and pager notification systems as a business messaging system, particularly during times other than normal business hours.


A telephone paging service may also feature a pager notification option. With such services, a live operator may receive an incoming call and take a message for the intended recipient. The recipient is then sent an alert that an incoming message was digitally forwarded to a retrieval system or that the message is ready to be retrieved by contacting the live operator. These types of pager notifications are also helpful to small and medium business owners, as customers are always greeted by a live operator during off hours and calls can be effectively screened according to their urgency.

A pager notification system is also built into new smartphone technology. Using either push or polling technology, a smartphone user is alerted each time a new email arrives in an email inbox linked to the hand-held device. Such technology is not only useful for email contact, but is useful for weather alerts, important news stories and other information a person can subscribe to by email and receive a pager notification as soon as a new update arrives. In a similar fashion, pager alerts are also used to indicate a new text message for important alerts that a user has subscribed to.


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