What is OxiClean&Reg;?

L. Hepfer

OxiClean® is widely known through its infomercials on television. THe product originally began being sold through an infomercial, but quickly progressed to being sold online and in stores everywhere. It is a sodium percarbonate detergent mixed with a bleaching agent. The two mixed together produces hydrogen peroxide when dissolved in water. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches away stains because it is a strong oxidizing substance.

OxiClean® does not contain bleach so it tends to be color safe.
OxiClean® does not contain bleach so it tends to be color safe.

A stain remover, OxiClean® comes in a powdered form inside a plastic container and activates when it is added to water. Oxygen is then released and attacks the stains on clothing and other washable surfaces without attacking and weakening the fabric. The formula has been changed over time to enhance its ability to fight a wider range of tough stains such as grease stains and grass stains.

First sold only though infomercials, OxiClean has become a popular stain remover.
First sold only though infomercials, OxiClean has become a popular stain remover.

Blue crystals in the white powder are soil dispersing agents that help to spread the dirt out in the water and remove the stains. It is safe for the environment and contains no toxic fumes. It does not contain chlorine bleach like other stain removers, making it color safe and less harsh on colored fabrics.

The OxiClean® Versatile Stain Remover is the most popular product made by the the company. It can be used to clean other things aside from clothing. Fiberglass boats, ice chests, refrigerators, garbage disposals, lawn furniture, linoleum, fiberglass siding, litter boxes, tile and grout, trash cans and unfinished wood can be cleaned free of dirt and stains without causing harm. Instructions for cleaning these surfaces can be found in a step-by-step format on their website.

OxiClean® expanded its product range to cover an array of stain removers. Several products are available for cleaning laundry stains, including instant stain removers and those without dyes or perfumes. Others are available for cleaning stains on carpet or outdoor items, and OxiClean® has even created its own line of baby-safe products.

When removing spots from clothing, OxiClean® can fight a wide variety of stains. These stains can vary from baby food and formula stains to ink or blood. It can remove chocolate and coffee, as well as stains from cosmetics, grass and grease. Ketchup and sauce stains can be removed along with mud, paint, and even the yellowing stains caused by perspiration.

OxiClean® can remove stains from household and car upholstery. It can safely remove general carpet and pet stains. Instructions on how to remove these various spots are given in step-by-step instructions on their website.

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Oxi-clean supposedly has a limited shelf life.


I used to like oxiclean - thought it did an admirable job of removing lots of different types of stains in everyday laundry. The formula must have changed because now it doesn't seem to remove anything, even with soaking.


I have soaked a whole load of laundry using Oxiclean and it has bleached everything in that load. I have washed three times since, thinking the oxiclean would remove the stains. Nothing! Any suggestions, or am I just stuck with a bleached load of laundry?


while using this product (Oxiclean Versatile) to soak a dress shirt to remove BBQ stains, it turned the areas where sweat had collected yellow. The yellow was not there before soaking the shirt.

I tested the inside of the seam and allowed to dry prior to using the product, and everything was fine. However, immediately upon placing the shirt in the solution the collar and sleeves (where they were rolled up) turned yellow. I followed the measurements properly, and the shirt is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester and the washing instructions say "machine wash warm, non-clorine bleach". How do I get out a stain caused by following the directions on the product container?

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