What Is Ovarian Cancer Month?

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Every year, thousands of women learn they have ovarian cancer and thousands more die from it. September is ovarian cancer month, which means it's a special opportunity to honor those who have or had the disease and revitalize the fight against it through various methods including holding events, educating the public and purchasing certain teal items, which is the official color of the fight against the disease. The causes of ovarian cancer are unknown, which is even more of a reason to step up efforts during ovarian cancer month.

Honoring those who have the disease, are in remission from it or lost their fight against it is an important part of ovarian cancer month. Holding an event or participating in one in memory or in the name of a loved one are two ways to pay homage to a special person as well as help raise funds for the fight against the disease. A marathon, dance night, fashion show and music concert are some of the events that could raise quite a bit of money.

Raising awareness about the disease is one of the major focuses of ovarian cancer month. Ovarian cancer is very difficult to detect and many women aren't aware of the symptoms, including a severe lack of energy, lower back pain, nausea and pelvic pain. Educating the public about risk factors, symptoms and treatments are done through public service announcements, information booths at events, ovarian cancer awareness nights and reading material.


During September, many specified teal items are sold to support the fight against ovarian cancer. The items are typically sold through ovarian cancer organizations, events and at retail stores. Often, all or a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these items goes toward the fight against the disease — the money often goes toward research, education and health screenings.

Although September is ovarian cancer month, there are still a substantial number of events and efforts throughout the rest of the year. There is always a way to raise awareness and donate to the cause. Even starting locally by getting ovarian cancer screenings, and encouraging others to do the same, can make a big difference. Any methods taken, whether it's purchasing a teal ovarian cancer awareness t-shirt, holding an event or participating in a run, can help make everyone a part of the fight to end this deadly disease.


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