What Is Osho Meditation?

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Osho meditation is a type of meditative art that comes from the man known as Osho. This guru has been popular throughout the latter half of the 1900s and the beginning of the twenty first century. He is credited with leading the “Rajneesh movement,” and developing many aspects of a lifestyle centered on the development of the human being.

The specific type of meditation known as Osho meditation takes its cues from the central teachings of the guru. Books and other resources devoted to this type of meditation describe it in detail. Writers often use the words of Osho as well as interpretive elements to more fully describe the way that Osho thought meditation should work. Devotees continue to teach each other forms of Osho meditation and other activities, to further develop this type of practice, while celebrating the life and teachings of Osho.

One critical aspect of Osho’s meditation style is the idea of separating the mind from itself. This has its similarities to a common idea in Eastern thought that revolves around “losing one’s ego.” Here, the command of the guru is to “be outside” the mind, and analyze it from beyond itself. Some describe this as “self-awareness,” though others consider this to be too general a term to apply.


Another principle of Osho meditation is the idea of being “silent.” This is also a classic idea in some Eastern philosophies. The idea is that those practicing Osho meditation do not need to, and in fact, should not develop mantras or repetitive phrases for meditation. Instead, Osho’s style of meditating involves just centering the mind, and being present and aware.

Those who have studied Osho meditation sometimes talk about a “flame.” The flame is associated with the mentality of the person who is pursuing the meditation. This goes along with the common idea of meditation as a centering, orienting experience.

Experts in holistic health have long understood the potential benefits of meditation on the physical body, as well as the mind. Meditative strategies such as Osho meditation have been known to reduce blood pressure, counter the effects of stress, and promote better nervous system operations in many individuals. The guru and his devotees often support this idea through their descriptions of their meditative practices and their potential advantages for those who adopt them.


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