What is Organic Sugar Cane?

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Sugar cane produces long canes and is used for creating many different kinds of sugar. The primary difference when this plant is labeled organic is that it is grown without pesticides, or with only organically acceptable pesticides, and without the use of chemical fertilizers. It might be possible to find a few canes in stores, especially in areas where the organic sugar cane is grown. It’s more likely that the sugar cane will be used to create various forms of sugar.

The term organic continues to have varied definitions depending upon where the sugar is sold and labeled. Different standards exist to define what constitutes organic growing. It would certainly be the case that any organic sugar cane or sugar made from it would contain far fewer pesticides. Sugar cane is generally known for requiring a high amount of pesticides for growth in traditional growing methods, so some crop loss is assured when using organic methods. This translates to lower sugar production and higher prices.


Not all organic sugar is made with organic cane. Some can be made with sugar beets too, or be a mix of sugars made with beets and cane. Since sugar cane may be preferred, especially for things like table sugar, organic sugar cane sugar is becoming more popular, though it is still an extremely small market, and prices reflect rarity. Customers may also be interested in making sure that sugar comes from Fair Trade certified growers, which ensures better payment of workers and better treatment of them. This decreases amount of available sugar cane that satisfies both standards, especially if it comes from a less developed country.

Another thing to note is that organic sugar made from organic cane isn’t usually white, because it isn’t processed to the same degree as is white sugar. It has some residual molasses and may have a light brown color. Other minimally processed forms of sugar made from organic sugar cane, like raw sugar, are less affected since their processing is done in a more natural fashion. White table sugar is unlike raw sugar in most respects and requires a higher degree of processes and chemical application. However people can find powdered sugar made from organic sugar cane.

It is possible to find organic sugar in a variety of forms. There are those types similar to table sugar, sugars available in some warehouse stores. Specialty stores and natural foods shops are also to good places to look for different types of organic sweeteners. People may want to search online too, where there are many types available.


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Michele Parent
Post 2

I got mine at bulk barn.

Post 1

Hey, great article! I was wondering if you could help me out, though. I've been looking for a little while now in all the local stores where I live but can't seem to find any sugar cane at all, let alone organic.

Would you know of any place that ships organic sugar cane relatively cheap to Canada in Ontario? I'm interested in making my own sugar for a project I'm working on. Thank you.

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