What is Organic Makeup?

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Organic makeup has several possible definitions. It can be made from plant materials only, or from substances derived from plant materials. Makeup labeled as organic may also mean that it is made from organic or naturally occurring compounds, including minerals. The term implies that all materials in the makeup are certified organic, meaning they have not been exposed to pesticides. Unless a makeup actually claims to be "certified organic" makeup, it may contain pesticides.

Organic cosmetics derived from plants and minerals can work very well. For instance, the principle ingredient in the popular makeup Bare Minerals or Bare Esscentuals is cornstarch. It would be a mistake to assume that organic makeup is necessarily better for one than chemically produced makeup. Plants can contain powerful toxins and carcinogens that are just as detrimental to the skin and body as lab produced chemicals. Minerals can also have a high degree of toxicity, and organic cosmetics of the past, like the white powder used by geishas which caused lead poisoning, can be harmful.

Even if when organic makeup is certified, then plant materials or minerals may still be unsafe. The best idea is to make sure that makeup does not contain known toxins or carcinogens. This can often be hard to decipher on labels because they use so many long, complicated words in listing ingredients.


A few chemicals to look for and avoid in organic makeup include the following:


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Post 4

Yes, sodium laurel sulfate can lead to dry, irritated skin, and can cause allergies. More importantly, it is also considered a carcinogen.

I've definitely started to protect myself and my family by using organic products in the past few years. Yes, they are more expensive but I try and save money in other areas.

Post 3

That's a good tip to look for the word, "certified" when buying organic makeup. I always feel as though I'm being tricked when trying to decipher what's actually in the product.

Post 2

I was very concerned when I heard of an episode of Dr. Phil that discussed paraben being found in cancerous breast tumors. I have been reading labels and it a lot of ingredients are not all listed or it has paraben in it. I really recommend using Arbonne products. They have shampoos, makeup, lotions,soaps and so much more, and a wonderful baby care line that includes shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, diaper cream, and body oil. I have a friend who sells it and I have been using it for years! -Christy in Wisconsin

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