What Is Organic Keratin Shampoo?

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Organic keratin shampoo is a type of shampoo made without synthetic or chemical ingredients that contains natural added keratin proteins to help boost nutrient content. Keratin is a type of structural protein essential for hair, skin and nails, and is thought to have an effect on hair when applied topically. An organic keratin shampoo will likely contain other added ingredients, such as natural scent enhancers derived from herbs and fruit extracts to create a pleasing aroma. Moisturizing oils like cacao oil or coconut oil may also be placed in a keratin shampoo to enhance the supposed benefits of the added keratin.

Keratin proteins are essential proteins that make up the structural units of hair, skin and nails, providing strength, texture and durability. An organic keratin shampoo is made by adding keratin proteins to a shampoo made without chemical ingredients, using natural plant-based ingredients. It is believed that when a conventional shampoo is applied to the hair, chemicals can seep into the pores of the skin and disrupt normal bodily processes and functions. Although this theory is unproven in studies involving conventional cosmetology products, the issue of allergenic chemical ingredients still remains in traditional shampoo and other bath products.


Applying an organic keratin shampoo topically to the hair is thought to strengthen the hair by introducing new proteins to the roots and the scalp. Most keratin proteins added in a natural and organic shampoo are often made from natural sources; however, natural shampoos not labeled or certified organic can contain synthetic keratin proteins. The effects of applying keratin shampoo to the hair are unknown, as are the supposed benefits it has in strengthening or improving hair quality and texture. Doing so does not seem to have any negative aspects on health, even if the proteins are made from synthetic or chemical ingredients.

Most organic shampoos that contain keratin also contain natural and organic plant-based ingredients thought to improve hair quality, growth and texture. Oils like olive oil or coconut oil, both in their whole form or used as derivatives, contain beneficial fats that may be helpful in promoting hair growth. The addition of antioxidants to an organic keratin shampoo may also provide some responsibility for improving hair shine and quality. More often than not, an organic shampoo containing keratin proteins will also be certified as allergy-free, meaning it does not contain highly allergenic ingredients, like soy or sodium sulfates, that might interfere with hair health.


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Post 3

I'm using a keratin shampoo and I like it a lot. It makes my hair very soft, manageable and shiny. I have long, dry hair that gets tangled very easily. If my shampoo is not good, I can't even brush through my hair after washing. But I have never had this problem with organic keratin shampoo. My hair looks and feels very healthy.

I should probably mention however that my keratin shampoo has lots of other beneficial ingredients in it like coconut oil and aloe. So it might be wrong to say that the keratin is responsible for these results entirely. I'm sure that the other ingredients are helping as well.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- Keratin shampoo may or may not be vegan. Keratin can be plant based or animal based. If the shampoo doesn't have a vegan logo on it or if it doesn't specify that all of its ingredients are plant based, it's probably not vegan.

Products that have the vegan logo have to be certified, so that's the best way to know. You could also call the manufacturer and ask if you are not sure that a keratin shampoo is vegan.

Post 1

Is organic keratin shampoo vegan? How can I tell?

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