What is Organic Kelp?

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Organic kelp is a type of brown algae similar to seaweed that is grown without added chemicals or artificial products that could harm the environment. Kelp is often taken as a dietary supplement, primarily as a treatment for thyroid problems. Some studies have suggested that sea kelp contains agents that decrease fat absorption to the body. For these reasons, and because of the many vitamins and minerals typically found in organic kelp, this algae is thought to fight obesity.

Iodine can be found in dense doses in organic kelp. The element is essential for normal body functioning, especially in the thyroid gland. When the body does not get enough iodine, the thyroid cannot produce enough hormones. The resulting condition is called hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism has many serious health consequences such as weight increase and extreme fatigue. A mental imbalance could also occur, causing depression and other severe problems. Organic kelp in the diet can help to ensure proper amounts of iodine, possibly avoiding major health risks.

In addition to iodine, kelp often has considerable levels of both calcium and magnesium. These two elements are often found together in dietary supplements because they can complement one another during absorption by the body. Without calcium and magnesium, both the bones and muscle would deteriorate, leaving one’s body vulnerable to cardiovascular problems, fractures, and fatigue.


Organic kelp contains a fiber known as “algin," which scientists believe may act as a purifier in the bloodstream and digestive tract. Algin could be what helps the body to refrain from absorbing some fats. Various forms of algae, including kelp, are often found in diet products for that reason. By keeping the body healthy, energized, and less likely to store fat, organic kelp could help individuals lose weight.

One may find organic kelp in several different forms. It can be cooked and eaten like seaweed, although many are not accustomed to the tough texture and salty taste. It can be dried and turned into a powder, which is often put into a capsule for swallowing. The capsule breaks down in the stomach and intestines, releasing the powder.

Some say that liquid kelp is the strongest form in which to ingest the food aside from eating the plant. While capsules take time to dissolve during digestion, liquid could be absorbed rather quickly. A manufacturer will typically provide instructions regarding the quantity of liquidized organic kelp one should take. Kelp, which often contains high amounts of sodium, can also be found in salty seasoning products and added to foods in moderation.


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