What is Organic Colostrum?

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Colostrum is a special form of milk given out by mammals directly after a birth. Organic colostrum is a natural type of this substance. Bovine organic colostrum is something that is sold for human consumption as a dietary supplement, and sometimes as a cure for some health conditions including arthritis.

The specific role of colostrum is in helping a newly birthed mammal to adjust to life beyond the womb. Specifically, the colostrum helps the infant to pass a stool called meconium. This helps to clear a substance called bilirubin where improper levels of this element can cause jaundice.

Humans use bovine colostrum for a variety of purposes. A wide range of health benefits have been associated with bovine colostrum, but the specific results vary according to the individual. Those with any kind of lactose intolerance should be careful with colostrum, as well as those who are allergic to dairy products in other ways.

Colostrum has also been used for weight loss. Studies of the effectiveness of colostrum for weight loss have been less than definitive. In the past, doctors have recommended colostrum as a natural polio vaccine. It has also been used in past societies in traditional medicine, and early American doctors saw colostrum as a kind of natural antibiotic with a wide range of legitimate medical uses.


Athletes have also used colostrum for better performance results. Experts have documented the use of colostrum products by some Olympic teams where members reported improvement with this natural nutrition. Other amateur athletes also sometimes use colostrum in efforts to improve overall performance.

Colostrum contains antibodies called immunoglobulins. This is part of the appeal of colostrum as a general dietary supplement. The antibodies counteract some types of toxins and potentially harmful bacteria in the blood and other systems.

Organic colostrum refers to a type of colostrum that has occurred naturally, rather than having been chemically manipulated. Buyers assume that organic colostrum has the same standards as other organic milk, where bovine growth hormone (BGH) is not used, and animals are fed naturally. An organic label for colostrum may also refer to whether or not artificial items have been added for various reasons. As a dietary supplement, colostrum is available in many forms, including tablets, liquids, pills and powders. Consult a doctor before using colostrum for any health or fitness plan.


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