What Is Online Video Marketing?

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Online video marketing is a method of marketing or advertising that utilizes video and the Internet to more effectively reach an appropriate audience that other, traditional methods might miss. There are a number of ways in which this type of marketing can take place, though among the most common are standalone video advertisements and advertisements that play before or pop up during another video. Online video marketing is often an effective method for advertising and marketing, though certain ideas must be considered that can be fairly different from aspects of traditional print or text media and advertisements.

Though there are many different ways that someone can utilize online video marketing, it typically involves either advertisements that run as part of another video or as standalone videos. When used in conjunction with other videos, online video marketing often includes either a short commercial before a particular video or advertisements that run over a video. Short commercial videos before featured content are often used in a way similar to television commercials and typically cannot be skipped or muted. Some advertisers create pop-up advertisements that come up during a video, which can usually be closed or minimized.


Standalone videos can also be created for online video marketing, and these videos typically feature content designed to be entertaining or informative while also generating revenue. The nature of such videos often depends on the purpose of the video and how revenue is created on the website. Some videos are created as commercials for products, or as part of viral advertising that may seem user generated while actually designed as part of a marketing campaign. Online video marketing can also be used by websites that generate revenue through user visits, often using videos to provide information rather than text or images.

There are a number of considerations used in creating online video marketing that are different from other formats. Videos created as advertisements or for informative purposes should be both entertaining and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. While an advertisement may be able to quickly convey a message, more informative videos are often longer but should still be short enough to ensure full viewing and the attention of Internet audiences. Much like other content provided on the Internet, online video marketing often uses search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure greater results on Internet searches and availability for those interested in various topics.


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