What is Online Copywriting?

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Online copywriting is Internet text that promotes a product or service as well as asks the reader to take a certain action. This action may be to click on specific link or image, buy a product, or sign up for a newsletter. Different types of online copywriting include ads, catalogs, and business website pages.

Website pages for businesses promote the qualities and services of a particular company to potential customers. This form of online copywriting often features several different web page categories, such as "about us" and "services." There is usually a "contact us" page that the other pages link to; contacting the company is the expected action for the website visitors to take. The contact page usually includes a form for visitors to leave their phone number or email address.

Good online copywriting techniques on business website pages include concise, engaging text. The paragraphs should be short so that the visitor doesn't lose interest in reading about the company. The best website copywriting clearly and persuasively lets the visitor know why that particular company is a good choice for his or her needs. For instance, rather than just stating that the company has convenient services, compelling website copywriting for a 24-hour printer would mention something like "our 24 hour quality online printing means that you get your order the very next day — when you need it!"


Online catalogs also use copywriting to communicate the benefits of the ecommerce products for sale to website visitors. For example, rather than just include the chain length, gem type, and metal color of a necklace, good creative copywriting is text that helps the potential customer visualize owning and wearing the jewelry. Experienced catalog copywriters are skilled at creating benefit-filled product descriptions that are also brief. All kinds of catalog copywriting, whether online or in print materials, must be short, as a page of displayed products has room for only short descriptions underneath or next to the photograph of each product.

Internet advertising that employs online copywriting techniques include promotional ads on web pages geared to a certain topic and email marketing. Email marketing, in which emails promoting products or services are sent to potential buyers, requires compelling copywriting right from the subject line or the receiver may not feel compelled to even open the email. Web page ads, such as those to click on to contact a company, also require compelling subject lines to entice online visitors to take the desired action of clicking on the ad.


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