What is Omnadren?

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Omnadren is an anabolic steroid taken to increase the body size as well as muscle mass and physical strength. The main ingredient is the steroid testosterone, which is a steroid naturally found in birds, reptiles, and humans. It is a male sex hormone responsible for producing healthy male tissues. Testosterone can also increase hair and bone growth and muscle mass. Omnadren contains four types of esters thought to increase the effectiveness of the steroid.

The types of testosterone found in omnadren are propionate, phenyl propionate, isocoproate, and corproate. When combined with the androgen receptor, these steroids can quickly build up the muscle structures. Omnadren is mainly used by weightlifters and people who are trying to enhance performance and muscle strength. This steroid is aromatizing, which means it can be turned into estrogen within the body.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone and although it is found in women and men, women have higher amounts. This is because estrogen regulates things like the menstrual cycle. It also helps to develop certain female characteristics including large breasts and wide hips. After menopause, the estrogen levels can plummet and a woman can begin to develop male characteristics. Women sometimes lose elasticity in the skin and develop facial hair when their estrogen levels drop.


Since omnadren has a tendency to produce estrogen, it can have certain side effects and symptoms. It sometimes causes water retention, which can increase or bulk up the body, but also can also cause fat to be stored. This can result in flabby muscles and fat accumulation in the abdominal area. The breast area can also become enlarged by using omnadren. A decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction can also be temporary side effects.

Omnadren is typically injected either once or twice a week. It can take several weeks to notice any changes in muscle structure or strength while using this product. Males can develop male pattern baldness and an enlarged bust or hips. It can also block the arteries in men and cause cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Steroids are controlled substances and a prescription is usually needed to acquire the drug legally. Although the initial effects of this drug are favorable, long-term effects can be life threatening and permanent. Long-term use of steroids can cause liver damage, kidney failure, and strokes.


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