What Is Olive Oil Relaxer?

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An olive oil relaxer is a type of hair relaxer that uses olive oil to straighten and condition the hair. Some olive oil relaxers are chemical-free, while others contain harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide. A natural olive oil relaxer can be used by people who want to transition from relaxed to natural hair or to increase the manageability of their hair as well as those who are between relaxing treatments. Like many other relaxers, olive oil relaxers should be used every four to eight weeks. Although a chemical-free relaxer will not be as effective as a chemical product, these treatments are more hydrating and less damaging to the hair.

There are three types of olive oil products designed to relax the hair: lye, no-lye and chemical-free. Many lye and no-lye relaxers contain olive oil to protect the hair from the damaging chemicals they contain. Chemical-free olive products use olive oil as their main straightening ingredient. In addition to olive oil, an olive oil relaxer might also contain aloe, protein and other oils to improve the condition of the hair.

Chemical-free olive oil relaxers work similarly to those containing chemicals. Like lye, or sodium hydroxide, olive oil is an alkalizing substance. When olive oil is used as a relaxer, the oil will penetrate the cuticles of the hair and slightly alter its chemical bonds. After using an olive oil relaxer, the hair should be straighter and less difficult to manage.


Olive oil relaxers are typically used by people who want to loosen their hair’s natural texture without causing damage. As long as they are chemical-free, these relaxers can be used between relaxing treatments. People who want to stop relaxing their hair can also use olive beauty products to maintain their style during the growing-out process.

People who choose to use an olive oil relaxer will usually need to relax their hair every four to eight weeks. Since olive oil relaxers are not as potent as chemical relaxers, they can be applied to the entire head of hair. People who choose to use chemical relaxers should maintain their hair by only relaxing their new growth every four to eight weeks.

The primary benefit of choosing a chemical-free olive oil relaxer is that it will condition and straighten the hair without damaging the strands. One disadvantage is that an olive oil relaxer will be less effective than using a chemical relaxer. Still, while an olive oil relaxer will not leave the hair completely straight, it should loosen the texture of the hair and improve its condition.


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Post 3

I've been using a relaxer with olive oil in it for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. Usually my hair would become extremely dry a few weeks after relaxing. It would become very hard and dull. But ever since I switched to this product, my hair is doing a lot better. I believe in the power of olive oil. It really makes a difference when a relaxer has something moisturizing in it.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- Warm up some olive oil and apply it all over your hair. Then wrap a warm towel and keep your hair warm for at least an hour. You can do this with a hair dryer. If you can keep it for more than an hour, it will be even more effective. Afterward, just wash your hair as usual.

Don't expect miraculous results from this treatment. It's not going to give you straight hair but it will loosen up curls a little bit. If you do it at least once a week, it will make it easier to manage your hair because it's moisturizing and prevents tangles and frizz.

Many people become disappointed after using olive oil as a relaxer. But I think that it's much better than using chemical relaxers. At least this is natural and it won't damage hair. Just the opposite, olive oil makes hair healthier and shiny.

Post 1

How do I use pure olive oil as a relaxer at home?

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