What is Okazaki Long-Life Massage&Trade;?

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Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ is a massage technique that focuses on whole-body health in order to achieve desired results. The technique is actually a combination of many different techniques, some of which are well known and some of which are new for this particular brand of massage. The practice has its foundations in a much broader form of martial arts, known as Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.

The creator of the Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ was Henry Okazaki, who developed the technique in the first half of the 20th Century. Though it is known as the Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ the man himself only lived to the age of 61. Also known by its shortened form, the Okazaki massage, the technique was first developed to teach his students a proper balance of a fighting spirit and healing spirit. Only together, could human beings be truly effective at either one, he theorized.

The Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ includes techniques borrowed from original Japanese massage, acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology, herbology and western massage. Together and repackaged, they represent Okazki's new creation. However, while it is the same in some ways to more traditional approaches and therapies, it differs in a major way.


Most of the work in an Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ is done with the point of the elbow. This technique often lends itself to another nickname -- the elbow massage. The use of the elbow offers the massage therapist the opportunity to penetrate deep into the tissue and promote healing through the promotion of improved circulation.

Using the Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ is supposed to be able to yield a wide range of benefits for a number of common illnesses. Though miracle cures are not touted, what is expected from those who practice the massage is a better quality of life for their patients. Among the ailments the Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ is supposed to be particularly adept at helping include: migraine headaches, stress, tension and all forms of fatigue, be it mental, physical or emotional. Also, the Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ is touted as being an excellent aid in physical rehabilitation from injuries.

Although it is not proven, the Okazaki Long-Life Massage™ is so named because some believe it has the capability of increasing one's natural lifespan. This may be done by the technique's possible ability to help ward off illness and stress. Furthermore, it may help by making individuals more relaxed and better able to deal with daily troubles.


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