What is Offline Data Entry?

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Offline data entry is the process of entering information into a list, spreadsheet, database, or word processing program without the need of an Internet connection. While the vast majority of companies conduct business online, there are several fields that still utilize this form of information processing. Law firms, medical institutions, financial companies, and individual businesspeople often deal in sensitive client data. Without being connected to the Internet, this type of data entry goes the extra step in ensuring private information is kept as classified as possible. It is also a way for companies to maintain low operating costs, skirting the need for costly databases and webforms.

A data entry clerk working offline can conduct business from a company office or from home. Home data entry has seen a growth in popularity as more and more people discover the ease and flexibility that comes with working from home. Many businesses utilize work from home opportunities as a way to tackle big jobs without spending a lot of extra money. Typically, home-based data entry clerks are hired as independent contractors, saving employers money on taxes and benefits. There are also third party companies that handle data entry outsourcing jobs and connect workers with available employment opportunities, but these companies normally charge a fee for their services and not all are legitimate; it's best to check with the Better Business Bureau to get an idea of a third party company's authenticity.


There are several different types of offline data entry. A common task in this field is the inputting of raw data into forms, lists, and specialized applications, such as entering addresses onto mass mailing labels. The bulk of offline database entry consists of transferring data not currently online and recording it in a new storehouse, either in the shape of a predetermined form, database, or word processing program. This process can be utilized for various purposes including marketing, sales, payroll, accounting, and customer retention purposes.

Those seeking work as an offline data entry clerk should be well-versed in standard office procedures. A fast typing speed, familiarity with computers and new types of technology, and knowledge of data conversion techniques are extremely desirable skills. A high level of accuracy is a must for anyone working in this field. While an active Internet connection is not necessary for offline data entry jobs, some positions may require access to certain computer applications, scanners, or information stored on CDs or DVDs.


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Post 3

@Charred - That’s good advice. Also realize that some of the legitimate data entry services are performed by people who have first worked in an office environment.

Take medical transcription or coding as an example. I know one lady who started out doing this kind of stuff in an office environment. She then had a child and asked if she could work from home.

The doctor allowed her to and she has been doing it ever since. I think that before companies let you work from home they need to have some kind of relationship with you. It’s easier for them to let you work with their data under those circumstances then.

Post 2

@everetra - Let me give you a word of advice if you’re looking for decent offline data entry work.

First of all, I’m sure that some companies do outsource this stuff like the article says. I don’t know where the companies are but I do know where you can find projects of this sort.

Go online and type the words “reverse auction” and see what comes up. A reverse auction is a site where people who need services performed can post different projects that they need completed. We’re talking everything from writing to data entry to graphic design to custom programming.

You name it.

If someone needs something done, they usually post their project on a reverse auction site and ask for bidders. Sign up for one of the free sites, start browsing and look for data entry jobs. I guarantee you will find a few. Then start bidding and that will get you rolling.

Post 1

I have been looking for legitimate work from home data entry jobs. Unfortunately most of what I’ve comes across is either a scam or something questionable at best. Do companies really hire people to do this stuff from home or is it better to do it in house? Has anyone ever done any legitimate data entry jobs?

I think it makes sense that companies would find this beneficial, especially since people like me are willing to work for a modest hourly rate, thereby saving the company money. I’m just looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity and I keep hitting dead ends.

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