What is Office Maintenance?

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Nearly every office has at least one detail in common: they all need to be maintained regularly. Most offices are full of busy people who have neither the time nor the desire to keep up with maintenance tasks. Thus, outsourcing for office maintenance is typically necessary no matter the industry, though some companies depend on it more than others. Typical tasks can include everything from office cleaning that needs to be done daily, to chores that only need to be completed periodically.

Any building that regularly houses several employees needs to be kept clean, but offices that are open to the public are typically especially in need of regular cleaning. Such locations may include medical offices, post offices, and lawyers' buildings, to name a few. Not only should such areas be kept clean for health reasons, but a spotless office is also likely to make a good impression on customers. Of course, the more foot traffic an office gets each day, the more necessary professional office maintenance is.

Many providers of office maintenance feature the typical tasks that need to be performed daily in clean buildings. Sweeping and mopping or vacuuming floors is often to be expected from most cleaning services. Taking out the trash and keeping restrooms flawless are also chores that are typically performed daily for most offices that hire cleaning services.

Other office maintenance tasks need to be completed less often, but are still important. For example, many office managers and company owners pride themselves on keeping their windows immaculate, especially those that face passers-by. Windows rarely need to be washed everyday, but having a regular schedule to get them cleaned, such as weekly, is crucial for most business owners. Dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures, such as desks, windowsills, and fans are also typical office maintenance services that should be scheduled somewhat regularly.

Some companies opt to forgo the daily janitorial services. Employees might decide to pitch in together to keep their areas clean to save money on professional services. Such companies might prefer to only hire an office maintenance service to perform tasks that are difficult for employees to do, rather than focusing on cleaning. This may include replacing lightbulbs that are hard to reach, cleaning windows several stories up, or touching up paint near the ceiling.

A number of office maintenance companies also offer specialized services, such as electrical repairs, flood damage assistance, and plumbing solutions. In fact, some such companies do not clean at all, but prefer to focus on larger jobs that many offices need periodically. Preventative maintenance is also available, in which the company hired repairs issues like loose door handles or peeling paint. Thus, not every maintenance company is the same, and any specialties should be inquired about.

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