What is Oatmeal Bread?

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Oatmeal bread is a form of bread which is made with the addition of oatmeal and sometimes a small amount of oat flour as well. The added ingredients make the bread very rich, with a nutty flavor and a chewy texture. In addition, they up the fiber content of the bread, making it a healthy addition to the diet. There are numerous forms of oatmeal bread, and many markets sell a few varieties; it is also possible to make it at home.

Oats have been cultivated and used in cuisine for thousands of years. There are a number of ways to use oats, and many people enjoy integrating them into baked goods for their flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits. However, oats lack the traits of wheat and other flours which contain gluten, so they cannot be used alone, or the resulting baked goods will fall apart. Therefore, people have to get creative about how they add oats and oat flour, and oatmeal bread is one solution to the problem.

In addition to being intrinsically tasty and fun to make, oatmeal bread is also a great way to use up leftover oatmeal. Some people like to make a big batch of oatmeal with plain rolled oats and then improvise with it, eating it hot, cold, and with an assortment of ingredients. Leftovers from this batch can be added to oatmeal bread, along with other ingredients.


When oatmeal bread is made, cooked oatmeal is simply added to the dough for a basic yeast or sourdough bread. You can either make oatmeal especially for the bread, or use leftovers, and many people like to add sweeteners like honey or molasses to the oatmeal as well. In addition to oatmeal, people may also add a small amount of oat flour to the bread, which can be made with white or whole wheat flour, depending on personal taste; people can also make gluten free oatmeal bread with a mixture of gluten-free flours.

There are all sorts of ways to jazz up the flavor of oatmeal bread. Buttermilk can be added, for example, to create a slightly soured, tangy flavor. Spices like cinnamon or nutmeg can zest things up as well, along with things like maple syrup and dried fruit. The result is generally a rich, hearty loaf which can be eaten with soups, toasted for breakfast, and used in a variety of other ways as well.


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Post 5

Just made some oatmeal bread with raisins and cranberries from a Betty Crocker recipe in a cook book my mom had. Is it really supposed to be that moist in the middle or did I take it out too early? It sounded hollow when I tapped it.

Post 4

How do you keep oatmeal bread from falling apart? A friend of mine told me about this great oatmeal bread recipe that I just had to try, so I decided to try and make it this weekend. However, the entire thing keeps crumbling on me -- it's more like those oatmeal drop cookies than anything else.

What am I doing wrong? My friend is out of town until Monday so I can't ask her, but I'm driving myself crazy with this. And it's not like I'm baking-incompetent -- I make a mean soda bread, and my cinnamon bread always goes down well at family reunions.

I'm just really stuck with this oatmeal bread though -- it's a light, soft, old fashioned oatmeal bread recipe, if that helps any. Do you guys have any idea what I'm doing wrong, and how I can make this work?

Please give me any tips -- I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure this out!

Post 3

Honey oatmeal bread is my favorite -- I'm gluten intolerant, so this is a good option for me. In fact, it's one of the only bread options that I can tolerate that actually tastes really good as well.

And besides, it is really filling and healthy too. Oatmeal itself has a lot of fiber in it, which is good for your digestive system, and it also has a few other key nutrients, so it's a very healthy option, especially for people like me who can't get their cereal-based nutrition with normal grains.

My favorite thing to do with honey oatmeal bread is to pair is with a good, thick soup. The bread is usually very thick, and can absorb

a lot of liquid, so be sure to use is with thicker soups or stews -- thinner bisques are just not very suitable.

Of course, you can make a light oatmeal bread, but who wants that? I always like the thick, chunky old fashioned oatmeal bread -- none of that light stuff for me!

Post 2

I know it sounds really odd, but if you mix in some cinnamon, apples, and sugar with your oatmeal bread dough, you can get the most amazing results.

It's almost like eating oatmeal in solid form -- which is great for me, since I love having a bowl of warm oatmeal in the morning for breakfast, but don't always have time to sit down and eat it.

With the cinnamon apple oatmeal bread, you can just toast it, put a little bit of butter on it and take it with you -- instant breakfast! It's also a very filling bread, so you don't have to worry about feeling hungry 15 minutes later, like you often do with white bread toast. It's just a good breakfast option all around.

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