What Is Noni Tea?

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Tea made from the leaves of a noni plant is referred to as noni tea. Often, used in alternative medicine treatment, this tea is said to be helpful for people dealing with painful conditions and those who want overall better health. Natural health experts also name it as a preventative agent for cancer and as a drink capable of improving skin health and aiding digestion. Despite this, noni tea is associated with some potentially serious side effects.

Noni trees grow in tropical regions like the Caribbean, South America, and the Pacific Islands. While the fruit of the noni tree is used in making juice, the leaves of this plant are dried and sometimes even roasted to produce tea leaves. These leaves are then used with boiling water to make tea, which people often drink after steeping the tea leaves for about five minutes. Some people, however, let the tea leaves sit in water overnight and then drink it with ice the next day. Noni tea is said to have a more mild and pleasant taste than juice made from the fruit of this plant.


Usually, tea made from the noni plant is caffeine-free and has a high antioxidant content. As such, it is said to have health benefits, such as preventing or treating cancer and various infections by bolstering the immune system. It is also said to help encourage white blood cells to protect the body from malignancies. Additionally, noni tea contains the compound xeronine, which is said to help promote the health of cells. There is even evidence that xeronine promotes cell regeneration.

Though many people focus on the health benefits of this plant, some research has associated it with side effects, including bloating, diarrhea, headaches, and menstrual problems. It is also associated with several serious conditions like liver damage and kidney problems.

Despite the antioxidants and healthful compounds found in noni tea, it is not proven to prevent, treat, or cure any illness or disease. Some research studies have, however, produced evidence to support the assertion that it slows tumor growth and prevents pain. Research evidence also reveals that it might help a user to get to sleep. Since the benefits of noni tea are not proven and because of the potential for side effects, a person may do well to ask his doctor’s advice before using it.


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Post 3

I drink noni tea with ginger. It's a tea that's available commercially, in tea bags. I had noni tea when I was in Jamaica and have been craving it since I returned to the States. So the tea bags have been a savior for me. I'm not too fond of fresh noni fruit, but I love the tea. This tea has ginger and some other fruit flavoring so it tastes very good. The best part is that it's caffeine free and easy on the stomach.

Post 2

@candyquilt-- I don't think noni tea has any side effects when consumed moderately. And I can't imagine anyone having cup after cup of noni tea because the flavor isn't great. This is a tea that is used for the health benefits.

The plant and fruit are rich in vitamin and beneficial phytochemicals. But the fruit smells quite bad and the fruit is kind of bitter. So it's not something most people would want to eat. The tea made from other parts of the plant taste considerably better and offers the same kind of health benefits as the fruit.

Of course, those taking noni supplements should be more careful since it may be easier to take too much noni that way.

Post 1

I was very excited about noni tea until I read the part about potential kidney and liver damage. The downside to herbal teas and supplements is that since they do not undergo medical testing like medications, the side effects are not clear. I guess if I do try noni tea, I need to restrict it to one small cup at most.

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