What is Nipple Reduction Surgery?

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Nipple reduction surgery is a procedure done on a man or a woman to reshape or resize a nipple that is unusually big or long. It is usually performed as a cosmetic procedure on a person who is conscious or embarrassed by a nipple that protrudes, especially on tight-fitting clothes. It is normally done as an outpatient procedure and requires a recovery period that is quite short. The procedure usually takes about an hour or less to complete and a surgeon will only typically employ local anesthesia. It is rare for a person to lose sensation or for a woman to lose the ability to breastfeed on the nipple that was reshaped or reduced.

The method that is used in nipple reduction surgery depends on the typel of alteration needed. If a person wants a shorter nipple, a surgeon will typically cut the tip of the nipple and apply sutures after the incision. If a person wants to reduce the diameter of his or her nipple, a surgeon will normally slice a wedge from the nipple and close it with sutures after removing the unwanted tissue. The sutures used in the procedure are usually soluble and the dressing applied after surgery is normally light.


A person who undergoes nipple reduction surgery is likely to experience swelling and bruising on the area of the incision. He or she will probably need a follow up appointment so the doctor can assess the progress of the healing. A person may also find it necessary to make extra trips to the surgeon’s clinic for retouches if the nipples appear to be asymmetrical or if he or she wants further modifications to the nipple.

In most cases, the scar resulting from surgery is hardly visible. Reduction or reshaping made to a nipple will also usually be permanent. As such, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to augment a resized nipple.

A person may want to consult the surgeon before undergoing the procedure. The surgeon can give him or her to have more or less an idea on how the nipple would look like after surgery. A patient may also find it prudent to choose a surgeon who has a good sense of balance and a good aesthetic judgment aside from his proficiency in nipple reduction surgery.


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