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Nioxin® is a line of hair- and scalp-care products produced by Nioxin® Research Laboratories. Generally, the focus of the company is helping individuals that suffer from fine or thinning hair. The product line consists of a variety of hair cleansers and conditioners, anti-aging scalp renewal treatments, and styling products. Nioxin® is sold exclusively in professional salons throughout the world.

The company was started in 1987 by Eva Graham, and uses a scientific approach to create its products. They believe that by studying the reasons behind hair thinning and hair loss, they will be able to create products that address these causes and reverse or correct them. Since its creation, the company has employed a team of researchers that has continually studied hair loss and thinning. The company has developed the Nioxin® Bionutrient Formulation, the system used in its hair-care products. Generally, the system operates by treating the scalp and attempting to prevent conditions that cause hair loss and breakage, such as the build up of styling product residue and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Nioxin® offers eight scalp- and hair-care systems. Each system consists of cleanser, scalp therapy, and scalp treatment. The cleanser is designed to remove residue and DHT. Scalp therapy is used to moisturize, and scalp treatment is a leave-in product that attempts to reduce further build up of residue and DHT.


System 1 is designed for fine, natural, normal to thin-looking hair. People with fine, natural, and noticeably thinning hair should use System 2. Those with fine, chemically enhanced, normal to thin-looking hair will want to use System 3. System 4 is meant for people with fine, chemically enhanced, noticeably thinning hair. The rest of the systems – 5 through 8 – are the same, just directed to those with medium or coarse hair.

Nioxin® sells other products as well. Follicle Booster® is a product designed to exfoliate and deliver nutrients to the hair follicle. Recharging Complex® is a multi-vitamin used to promote healthy growth of hair and nails. To strengthen hair and add volume without suffering from product build up, a person might want to use the Weightless Reconstructive Masque. The Hydrating Hair Masque could add extra moisture, and the Deep Repair Hair Masque claims to repair damaged hair.

The company's Clarifying Cleanser removes chlorine and environmental buildup. Clean Control reduces oily buildup on the scalp. In addition, Nioxin® offers a complete line of creams, gels, and sprays used for styling. The company also prides itself on using natural ingredients and avoiding animal testing of any kind.


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