What is Nightwear?

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Nightwear is a category of clothing that is generally worn to bed and while sleeping. There are options available for everyone, from small boys to adult females. Items in this category can include nightgowns, pajamas, and teddies.

Those who are shopping for nightwear should be prepared to find that there are usually fewer options for males than for females. This does not, however, mean that any person has to do without such items. It is possible to find nightwear for every member of the family.

There is nightwear designed for babies and toddlers. The most common types of infant sleeping apparel are items known as sleepers. These are generally one-piece outfits that have closures from the neck to the crotch and extending down each leg. The snaps allow diapers to be changed without completely undressing the child. These items usually have long sleeves and enclosed footing.

As children get older, the nightwear that is available for them may become more diverse. In most instances, once boys have surpassed the toddler years, their sleeping apparel generally has two pieces. This is likely to consist of a pullover top and elastic-waist bottoms. There are, however, one-piece pajama suits that have enclosed footing that are most commonly worn during cold weather.


Girls usually have many options of nightgowns to choose from once they have surpassed the toddler years. Girls are not, however, limited to nightgowns. There are also various types of pajamas that are available for girls. These can also include enclosed feet styles.

Adult males often have options similar to boys. One exception is that boys sleeping outfits normally have childish decorations such as superheroes. Men’s nightwear is often plainly designed. Outfits may consist of solids, stripes, or other basic designs.

The types of items available to men include two-piece pajama sets. These can be made from any number of materials, such as cotton, flannel, or silk. The top often has buttons or snap front closure. Male nightwear bottoms commonly have elastic or drawstring waists. In some instances, there are snap closures at the waist. It is also common to find two-piece shorts sets for males.

Adult females generally have the most nightwear options. Women’s apparel in this category can range from extremely seductive lingerie to plain flannel nightgowns. Women may choose from items such as teddies, shorts with camisoles, or rompers. It is also common to find that the widest range of materials is used in producing women’s items. These can include silk, tulle, and lace.


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