What is New Media Technology?

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New media technology is any type of application meant to transfer information via digital techniques, computerized systems or data networks. First established in the 20th century, this technology is most readily associated with information transfers meant to be manipulated in some way. Most forms are interactive and contain compressed data designed to be accessed in a variety of markets. The most prevalent examples of new media include Internet-based concepts, like websites, or digital mediums, such as CD-ROMs and DVDs. Anything that is considered old media, such as television, film or paper-based products, are not part of new media.

The concept got its start in the 1960s. With the rise of modern computer technology, the idea of information exchange through the medium became a powerful application. Artists and designers used this technology to bring new concepts to fruition, creating things like digital-based artwork and video games. These technologies became highly prevalent in the 1980s, slowly replacing traditionally mediums, primarily through the implementation of personal computers and video game systems. This was also supported by desktop publishing methods that allowed for easier image manipulation techniques and online publications.


According to new media technology standards, certain commonalities exist between all types of modern mediums. Geographic distance is compromised due to the fact that the technology can be used in nearly every market around the world. The level and speed of communication is increased because of the Internet. Additionally, the interactive level of information exchange allows users to adapt to new methodologies while supplying their own input. Also, previously isolated forms of communication, such as video and telephony, can be merged together.

Business has increased dramatically in certain markets due to the onset of new media technology. Two-way dialogue about products, facilitated by the technology, helps marketers and producers find ways to better offer consumers what they want. Ideas such as interactive advertising promotes new venues for products to reach a wider marketplace. For example, certain companies use social networking sites to seek out and target possible clientele. In addition, public relations can take advantage of what this technology offers to provide direct interaction, such as when the president of the United States takes online questions from the American audience.


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Post 4

@GraniteChief, I think you are right about the use of Twitter and the amazing effect it has had on new media technology but I think that other social media services are having more of an impact on the spread of information.

Facebook has taken the world by storm and now includes hundreds of millions of users across the globe. The ability for this service to spread more then just a short text message is closer inline to what new media technology has to offer to the consumer experience.

By spreading pictures, music, movies and text over Facebook, we are pushing the limits of what new media technology can provide and it will undoubtedly change the world in which we live.

Post 3

I think that social networking is probably the most significant use of new media technology that is now available to the mass public. While some of the services now offered are simplistic and almost limiting, there is an effect that the means of mass communication has had on the entire world. is an excellent example of this occurrence. While having a limit of less then 160 characters and only allow text, these messages that are sent out to a list of followers would seem anything but a part of new media technology but because of the way that the messages are sent and information disseminated, it is a groundbreaking way of spreading instant information.

Post 2

Amazingly, for such a new concept as new media technology, there is a significant amount of new media jobs now available on the market. Because of the complicated technology and intensive education process that it takes to educate an individual in new media, there have been a variety of new media technology colleges that have sprung up to meet the demand.

Besides these new colleges and education facilities, traditional colleges and universities are stepping up their media programs to include new technology to ensure that their graduates are keeping up with the market trends.

Almost any four-year university or accredited college will offer new media technology courses. This demand for students to fill new media careers will not balance out for a few years and students entering post-secondary education systems should take note of the market trends.

Post 1

New media technology is the way that we can expect to interact with visual imagery, audible stimulation and even feeling-based sensitive feedback.

Learning how the markets and content creators can best harness these new technologies is key to making the experience that new media technology can provide.

New technology in media has greatly improved the way that consumers can take in the information that they seek. Journalists have specifically taken advantage of this new movement and have learned to harness the power of delivery that it can have.

Multimedia reporting is a new form of combining visual imagery and audio to produce what is considered new media. Newspaper photojournalist have been a major part of these advancements

and many of the websites that the newspapers host have new media reports available for subscribers and the general public.

All in all, new media technology makes the delivery of critical information much easier and more effective then we could accomplish with more tradition technologies.

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