What is Network Behavior Analysis?

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Network Behavior Analysis, or NBA, is an approach to strengthening the overall security measures employed with a given network. The main focus of Network Behavior Analysis is to monitor inbound and outbound traffic associated with the network and ensure that nothing is getting into the servers, programs, systems, and other components of the network that will ultimately cause some type of damage. Monitoring traffic occurs on a continual basis, helping to enhance the overall security of the network at all levels.

Part of the advantage to making use of an NBA solution is that the measure actively works with any other security protocols that are already in place on the network. This means that a Network Behavior Analysis will not cause problems with security measures built into databases housed on the network, or any security protocols that are inherent to any servers utilized on the network. At its best, the Network Behavior Analysis works in tandem with all other security features currently in place, and allows for a level of checks and balances that actually enhances the overall efficiency of the network.


One of the ways that Network Behavior Analysis accomplishes this is to constantly monitor all communications that involve the network. Interaction between hosts and clients are scanned and routinely processed as being clear or as having some aspect that is out of the ordinary. The program will also make note of any unusual changes in the use of bandwidth or any attempts to modify system protocols that appear to be somewhat severe in nature or type.

The use of Network Behavior Analysis can help to keep the amount of time and resources required to maintain a high level of efficiency in the operation of a network. The constant monitoring of network traffic and highlighting any unusual trends can often make it possible for common applications such as antivirus programs, spyware protection, and firewalls to perform at a higher rate of efficiency. As a result, the network is more secure, is not slowed down by suspicious malware that uses up valuable resources, and can perform at peak levels.


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