What is Nettle Leaf Tea?

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Nettle leaf tea is an herbal decoction created from the leaves of the stinging nettle, or Urtica dioica. This herbal tea does not contain caffeine and is used as a home remedy for many ailments. Nettle leaves are available in different forms, such as dried leaf, freeze-dried leaf and extract. The tea can be made by pouring two-thirds of a cup (about 150 ml) of boiling water over four teaspoons (about 20 ml) of dried nettle leaf. The tea should sit for five minutes before being consumed, and it can be sweetened to taste with honey or sugar.

Tea made with nettle leaf is a common home remedy for stiff and inflamed joints. It also reduces the amount of excess liquid in the body and offers gout sufferers relief. As a topical, nettle leaf can treat chronic skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. A clean, soft rag can be soaked in a cool nettle leaf infusion and then applied directly to the problem area. The rag can be placed on varicose veins to help relieve the swelling.

When taken internally, nettle leaf tea helps prevent or stop bleeding from wounds and nosebleeds. It is a treatment used for heavy menstrual bleeding. The high iron content in the tea prevents anemia when included in the diet. The anti-allergenic properties are useful when treating hay fever or asthma.


Nettle plants originate in the cool climates of northern Europe and Asia. Over the centuries, this plant has spread throughout the temperate climates of the world. The nettle plant grows 2-4 feet (61-122 cm) tall and flowers from early summer until early fall. The hairs covering the stems and leaves sting when touched, a reaction that is caused by the high amount of histamine and serotonin in the hairs. The leaves lose this ability after they are dried.

This herbal tea is considered safe to take but can cause stomach upset and fluid retention in sensitive individuals. It also might cause hives or a rash when used topically. Nettle leaf infusions should never be applied to an open wound. Pregnant women should not use nettle leaf tea, because it might cause a miscarriage.

Nettle leaf tea might interfere with certain medications. It should not be consumed by someone who is taking blood-thinning drugs, because the tea thins the blood. Nettle leaf tea also makes blood pressure medication stronger. This herbal tea lowers blood sugar, so diabetics on medications might suffer episodes of low blood sugar.


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Post 4

I have been taking nettle leaf tea for the past few days for watery eyes and post nasal drip, and the relief was immediate !

I've had this tea on my closet shelf for about five or six years. I brought it from mountain rose herbs that long ago but just started using it!

God's medicine from the ground is the only medicine we his creations should ever take!

Post 3

@SarahGen-- Of course it's possible.

The tea might have affected your blood pressure or blood sugar. I suggest you eat something and lay down. Herbs can cause side effects just as medications do.

Post 2

Is it possible to be allergic or sensitive to nettle leaf herbal tea?

I just drank some and I don't feel well. I have a headache, nausea and I feel like I'm going to faint.

Post 1

I love drinking stinging nettle leaf tea in winter. I grow my own stinging nettle and I dry the leaves every year.

In winter, I experience arthritis pains as well as circulation problems due to diabetes. Nettle leaf tea is a great tonic that helps with these problems. Some people don't like the flavor of this tea, but I enjoy it.

I usually take a handful and steep in boiled water and drink it with a natural sweetener in the evening.

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