What is Negative Ion Therapy?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Negative ion therapy is an alternative form of health treatment that is based on the idea of using negative ions to drain the body of toxins that lead to a number of different health problems. While it is not generally accepted by the established medical community, many people report improvements in specific health ailments after undergoing the therapy, or making use of specially designed equipment to ride the home of irritants and toxins that inhibit the action of the negative ion charge in the space.

Negative ion therapy may help those that suffer from allergies.
Negative ion therapy may help those that suffer from allergies.

The basis for negative ion therapy as a health care alternative rests in the idea that the atmosphere is loaded with negatively charged electrons or ions. By using those electrons to remove elements that have an adverse effect on the physical and emotional well being of the individual, the body’s natural defense system can begin to make the necessary repairs and bring the individual back to a healthy state. Because the purpose of this therapy is to drain the toxins from the environment and the body, any condition that is interfering with the natural function of the muscles and nervous system are isolated and reduced through continued administrations of the therapy. As the impediments to good health are brought under control, the individual begins to enjoy an enhanced state of physical and mental health.

A healthcare practitioner may administer negative ion therapy in a clean environment free of toxins.
A healthcare practitioner may administer negative ion therapy in a clean environment free of toxins.

While the treatment is not widely endorsed, there have been a few controlled studies that indicate that the therapy does produce some positive effects. People suffering with bronchial issues as well as various types of allergies have responded well to it. There is also some evidence that the use of this type of therapy can be helpful with lowering high blood pressure and ease the effects of stress and anxiety.

It is possible to undergo negative ion therapy with the help of a healthcare practitioner. The treatments usually take place in an environment that is sterile and relatively free of any toxins that could exacerbate an existing health ailment. It is also possible to purchase a device known as a negative ion generator to reduce the presence of animal dander, tobacco smoke and mold in the home. The use of devices of this nature often lead to improving conditions for people with allergies and various types of respiratory ailments.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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If you do enough research online, you will find that negative ions are indeed beneficial to our human health. It is already proven. There is also a garment product that has been widely used in Japan for over 40 years. I didn't believe it until I wore the garments and also bought the ion-converter by Dr Noboru Horiguchi. There are no known side effects for either product, as they are not oral products. Especially, there are garments that generate negative ions.


The problem this, and many other 'alternative' therapies face is the absolute lack of profit compared with conventional ones. Double blind studies take a lot of resources, and the corporations that usually fund them would have the most to loose if one of the alternative therapies proved as good as a patented drug product.


I tried it yesterday for the first time. I was so skeptical, I seriously thought I had wasted my money, until about ten minutes into the treatment when I started to feel woozy and drifted into the strangest sleepy/half-conscious state. It was very relaxing, if nothing else. Very interesting experience.


I've already proven negative ions are true. I used it regularly in my everyday living, and i can't feel any tiredness.

I've tried it on my whole family. It gives you energy, no tiredness to feel, my U.T.I was gone, my hemorrhoids were gone. Try to use negative ion products. They're great!



Organizing people into distinct categories of "trustworthy" and "not trustworthy" might not be such a good idea. I think people generally fall into more of a cline- meaning that there is a scale of how trustworthy people are. I think that generally hearsay would fall closer to the untrustworthy side than most scientists, but then again, choosing whom you would trust is a shaky "science" in itself.



If science is the answer, then why don't people just do things according to science? I think it's because science has serious limitations, as does our scientific understanding of things. Science can't rationally explain what our purpose is and how the universe came to be. I think I prefer "hearsay" so long as it is from a friend or someone I trust. I don't trust scientists.



Nevertheless, the public tends to be swayed easily by rumors and should learn not to be so biased. Science holds the key to liberating people from "urban legends" and other hearsay that can lead them astray. This method would need to be tested to be truly proven.


If this therapy is considered pseudoscience, then what would need to happen to make it considered to be science? I think that it would basically consist of surveys of patients and a control group. We technically have that in the form of testimonials, although those can sometimes be a scam. The important thing is to do your own research, and an added bonus would be having a personal acquaintance or friend who could testify to the effectiveness of ion therapy.

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