What Is Neem Tea?

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Neem tea is an herbal tea made from ground leaves of the neem tree, which grows natively in India. Often used for medicine, this type of tea has been reported to strengthen immune function and relieve some types of physical pain due to illness. Strongly-brewed neem tea is also found in traditional Indian medicine as a remedy for some diseases. This kind of tea is often noted for its pronounced bitter taste, though some people find that the level of bitterness depends on the batch of neem leaves. Neem is usually considered part of the Ayurveda medicine practice that involves regular use of herbs as a disease-preventing measure.

Making neem tea can be done with several different recipe options. Some people prefer to use fresh neem leaves while others stick to dried ones. The average-sized mug of neem tea requires about three to five crushed leaves in most cases. While a few recipes may call for pouring boiling water directly over the neem leaves, some experienced tea makers report that this method can give the tea an especially strong bitter taste. A milder recipe often calls for only a few pinches of crushed leaves mixed with around 34 ounces (about one liter) of hot water and left to steep for about 20 minutes.


Strong neem tea is sometimes prescribed as a remedy for malaria in the Ayurveda medicine tradition, though scientific studies of its effectiveness have varied results. Medical professionals often advise that the tea should be used as a secondary remedy along with prescribed medication whenever possible. Physicians also frequently caution against women drinking this kind of tea if they are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Neem tea is usually not recommended for young children with fevers due to a higher risk of side effects such as Reye syndrome.

Some additional reported benefits of neem tea include relief of minor respiratory ailments such as colds and allergies. It can also help to alleviate the nausea and pain associated with common stomach viruses. A few scientific tests have shown that concentrated amounts of this tea can weaken certain cancer cells, though this kind of treatment is usually considered experimental. Other similar studies have linked neem tea to lowered blood pressure in some people who suffer from hypertension. This use of the tea can also have mixed results depending on different patients' overall health states.


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Post 3

I drink neem tea for diabetes. This tea reduces and balances my blood sugar. It's not something I drink every day. I tend to drink it when my blood sugar is unusually high.

Post 2

@bluedolphin-- Yes, neem also has many benefits for other organs and systems, especially the digestive system and the immune system. It has been used for many years in countries like India but it's just becoming known in the US.

The only downside to neem tea is that it tastes kind of bitter. What I've actually started doing is mixing some neem tea with green tea to improve the taste. It works great. The flavor is much milder and I can benefit from the healing properties of neem.

There are actually lots of different neem products out there. Like you said, there are hair and skin products. There are also neem extract and neem powder supplements.

Post 1

I've heard of neem before as an ingredient in some hair and skin products like shampoos, conditioners, soap and lotion. It's sometimes used to treat various hair and skin conditions or improve their health.

I hadn't heard of neem tea before but if neem is so beneficial for skin and hair, it must also have benefits for other organs. I doubt that I can find fresh neem but I will definitely try neem tea made with dry neem leaves.

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