What is Neem Seed Oil?

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Produced from the neem evergreen tree, neem seed oil is one of many popular Indian dietary supplements. Neem concentrate can be used for treating many medicinal conditions, from acne to urticaria hives. The bitter, light to dark brown oil is also used in personal care products, insecticides, fertilizers, and many other compounds.

Neem extract is very rich and strongly scented. In addition to the seeds of the tree, neem bark and leaves are often used to make neem oil. In India, neem has been a heavily relied upon substance since 2000 to 4000 years Before Common Era. The neem tree itself has been referred to as the village pharmacy, or the curer of all ailments, by the people of India.

Ayurvedic medicine makes frequent use of neem seed oil. Skin diseases are the most common affliction treated by the remedy in this light. Fevers and inflammation have been treated by neem oil. Rheumatic issues, such as arthritis, can also be alleviated with neem. Several serious illnesses, such as malaria, tuberculosis, and leprosy, have been treated by the remedy in the past as well.

Throughout India's history, neem oil has been used as a type of post-coital contraceptive. Intestinal parasites and other bodily invaders, such as ringworm, have been treated with neem seed oil as well. It is also commonly utilized as an antiseptic.


Many herbal beauty products also employ the use of neem seed oil. Its popular use in skin care, anti-eczema, and anti-acne properties make it an often-used ingredient in products like body creams, lotions, and hand salves. Personal health care products, such as neem toothpaste and neem shampoo, are also manufactured. Some of these specifically treat conditions such as athlete's foot or head lice.

Women who are pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant should avoid the use of neem. Neem oil may cause the miscarriage or abortion of a fetus. Use of neem may cause liver damage in some people. Consult with a physician before using these herbal supplements.

Aside from its cosmetic and medical uses, neem is a popular insecticide. It is sold in large quantities to help rid areas of cockroaches, mites, flies, and many other pests. Neem seed oil is also an effective mosquito repellent. The oil is also used in pesticides and fungicides to rid homes of different types of mildew and rust. The home remedy can also be used to treat conditions in pets, such as small house pet skin rashes.


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Post 4

@anon145132-- I honestly don't know and I'm not a doctor. But I looked up the skin condition and it's similar to other skin conditions that neem oil is used for. Neem products are used for eczema, psoriasis, wartz, acne and generally for irritated and dry skin.

So I'm assuming that neem will help relieve symptoms associated with granuloma annulare although I have no idea if it would clear it.

But I trust homeopathy and Indians have been using neem oil for thousands of years for practically everything. I don't think it has side effects either. So unless you're allergic to it, it should be worth a try. You might want to consult with a homeopathy practitioner. They can prepare specialized treatments for this sort of thing.

Post 3

@ankara-- For the most part, it's the same thing. Neem oil is usually extracted from the seeds of neem although the fruits and other parts of the plant can sometimes be used. All neem oils will have the same beneficial compounds but the quantity and quality might differ. You should always purchase from a trusted and high quality manufacturer.

You can use neem as insecticide as well as a skin treatment/moisturizer. Scabies is caused by mites and so it's effective for it. Insects hate the scent of neem oil. Neem oil also disrupts their life cycle, preventing them from eating, mating, growing and multiplying. So don't hesitate to use it for scabies.

Post 2

The neem oil used to treat scabies, is that the same as neem seed oil?

It sounds like neem seed oil is an insecticide rather than a skin remedy.

Post 1

can anyone tell me if any form of neem has been successfully used to clear granuloma annulare?

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