What is Neem Lotion?

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Neem lotion is any kind of lotion made with oil from the neem tree. The neem tree is a long-leaved tree native to India. It has many medicinal properties. Since neem is used to treat a wide range of skin disorders, there is a corresponding variation in the types of neem skin lotion produced to treat them.

The neem tree has been used as part of India's medicine for thousands of years. Its leaves, bark, and fruit all have medicinal properties. Holistic practitioners refer to it as the "heal all" or "nature's pharmacy."

The claims made by practitioners who use neem oil lotion are wider than those used by some snake oil salesmen. Neem lotion is thought to be beneficial in treating eczema, dandruff and warts. It also may be used for sunburn and dry skin. The lotion has also been used as an insect repellant and to treat scabies, a skin condition where microscopic mites tunnel under the skin, causing bumps and irritation. The mite has become immune to several kinds of commercial treatments, but neem lotion is still effective against it.

In India, neem is used for other reasons besides to cure skin conditions. Indians will chew a small branch of the neem tree in order to clean their teeth and use the edible flowers in curry and other kinds of gourmet dishes. The high mass of leaves in the neem tree makes it an excellent carbon dioxide absorber, thus helping to combat pollution. The Indian government has approved a project to plant thousands of neem trees in order to address global warming.

Not all of the claims concerning the benefits of using neem lotion have been scientifically proven. The neem tree, however, shows promise to many who are studying its effects. Neem oil contains a natural steroid, which may account for some of its healing properties. It also contains azadirachtin, a chemical compound which inhibits feeding in many kinds of insects.

Though initial studies on the benefits of neem lotion appear promising, no neem lotion has yet been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for widespread use. Those wishing to use neem as part of a holistic cure should consult with a practitioner beforehand. Since neem lotion is used to treat so many different kinds of skin conditions, a potential user should do research into the product and its manufacturer before buying to avoid confusion.

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Post 3

My cousin uses neem cream for sunburn and swears by it. Apparently, it prevents flaking and relieves redness and pain. I've never tried it for sunburn though.

What I have used is neem hair lotion. My hair is very dry and damaged and neem hair lotion helped a lot. I used to apply it as a hair mask and wash it out after several hours. I ran out of it and forgot to buy more. I need to get another jar of it.

There is one thing I don't like about neem lotion though and that is the smell. It smells weird.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Yes it does! But it takes a while, you need to use it for several weeks.

I'm using neem soap, neem lotion and neem oil. I shower with the soap every day and then apply neem lotion and neem oil. It's been one week and I'm feeling much better. My scabies symptoms are reducing, I have less bumps, less redness and itch.

Hopefully, I will be clear of scabies in several more weeks. I highly recommend neem to you. I took medications too but mites are have developed immunity to them. Neem is your best bet and it's natural so it doesn't have side effects like the medications.

Just don't ignore cleaning and doing laundry regularly as I'm sure you have been doing. And be patient. Neem doesn't cure scabies in a day but it's still the most effective treatment I've come across so far.

Post 1

I've been suffering from scabies for the past two months. I've tried two different medications, neither worked.

Has anyone tried neem lotion for scabies? Does it work? Please reply!

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