What Is Neem Face Wash?

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The neem tree has a long folk-medicine history in the countries where it grows, and neem face wash is a beauty product with roots in traditional, or alternative, medicine. This cleansing solution combines neem leaves or extracts from seeds with water to make a natural cleanser for one’s face. One also can use this type of cleanser to treat common skin problems such as acne, blackheads and clogged pores.

Neem trees are native to Africa, Australia, India and several countries in Asia. People in these areas have developed uses for all parts of the tree. One traditionally makes a fine powder by grinding the leaves of the neem tree and then mixing that powder with water to make a neem face wash.

Neem products are anti-bacterial and antimicrobial. Scientific evidence also suggests that the oil produced from neem seeds is an antioxidant. As a result, neem face wash provides one with an additional benefit, because antioxidants can slow the aging process of one’s skin and help one's body repair damaged cells.


When selecting a neem face wash, it is necessary to pick a commercial product that fits the skin condition one needs to address. For daily cleansing of one’s face, the formulation should have a moderate concentration of neem leaf in proportion to other ingredients. Neem cleansing products formulated for skin problems will have higher concentrations of the powdered leaf or extract so they can provide a larger amount of active antibacterial agents along with cleansing.

Depending on the source, a retail neem face wash might contain additional beneficial ingredients. Turmeric often is a component of this type of facial wash. It also has antibacterial properties, which is helpful when one is treating acne. Tulsi water, a liquid that contains ground basil, sometimes replaces plain water.

A retail neem face wash might contain fragrance to mask the natural smell of neem, which is similar to sulfur. Other ingredients that are common in such beauty products include glycerin, binders, preservatives and surfactants that lift soil from the skin. A natural or herbal formulation generally will not contain soap and will not produce much lather. Even when the product does not produce lather, it is necessary to rinse one’s face thoroughly after applying this cleanser. People who have normal to dry skin might need to use a moisturizer after cleansing the face with a neem product.


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Post 3

@bluedolphin-- For severe acne, you may want to use neem leaf extract in addition to neem face wash. Neem face wash will fight the acne from the outside whereas the extract will fight it from the inside. In fact, you may get results with just neem extract supplements. Using both will guarantee better results.

Post 2

@bluedolphin-- Neem face wash has worked great for me but it's difficult to say whether it will work for you or not. If your acne is due to bacteria growth on skin, then this face wash will definitely help. Neem has antibacterial properties and it cleans the face completely. So it reduces breakouts and can clear up acne altogether with regular use. If your acne is caused by something else however (such as a hormonal imbalance), then there is a chance that neem face wash may not be enough.

This product is also available online. That's where I buy mine. You can get a better deal that way. The one I buy is made in India and it's the same prices as any other face wash from the pharmacy. And I recommend reading customer reviews. It will give you an idea of whether it has worked for most people or not.

Post 1

I've been having trouble with acne lately. My breakouts have worsened and the pimples are turning into large painful cysts. My current face wash doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've been reading great things about neem face wash and I did find one at an organic store. But it's a bit expensive and I don't want to waste my money if it turns out that it doesn't work.

Does anyone here use neem face wash regularly for acne? Does it work for you? Should I give it a try?

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