What Is Natural Eyeshadow?

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Sometimes, natural eyeshadow refers to an eyeshadow of a natural-looking color, such as brown, beige, or taupe. More often, natural eyeshadow refers to eyeshadow that is made using natural ingredients. This kind of eyeshadow is often referred to as organic eyeshadow, as it includes natural and organic ingredients rather than the man-made ingredients present in synthetic eyeshadow, and for some these ingredients are safer and gentler on their skin. The composition of a natural eyeshadow may or may not change the way a person applies and wears it. Some consumers purchase these types of eyeshadow, and others prefer to make the eyeshadows themselves.

Just as the name implies, organic or natural eyeshadow is made using organic and natural materials. Unlike synthetic eyeshadow, which typically includes man-made chemicals and other artificial ingredients, natural eyeshadow includes natural ingredients. Most often, these are naturally occurring ingredients. Some manufacturers of natural eyeshadow also avoid using any animal-derived ingredients.

People prefer natural eyeshadow for a variety of reasons. Often, organic eyeshadow is chosen over other types of eyeshadow because it is gentler on sensitive skin. Sometimes, people have allergies or develop allergic reactions to synthetic cosmetics. On the other hand, some people choose natural cosmetics over synthetics for personal, ethical, or moral reasons. For example, some companies that manufacture natural and organic makeup use ingredients that were not derived from or tested on animals.


Generally, using natural eyeshadow is similar to using most other types of eyeshadow. Still, the application process can vary slightly, depending on the composition of the eyeshadow. For example, if the makeup is in an eyeshadow palette, such as that of a regular pressed-powder eyeshadow, a person might apply the makeup in much the same way as any other eyeshadow. She might even use the same kind of eyeshadow applicator sponge or brush. If the eyeshadow is in a powder form, however, the person might need to practice application techniques.

Natural and organic eyeshadow is available in a wide variety of retail shops. Consumers can find it at large chain super stores, the cosmetics counters of fine department stores, and even with various online stores. Some stores specialize in natural and organic makeup, and these stores sell natural and organic eyeshadow. At the same time, some people prefer to make their own organic eyeshadow. These people research the kinds of natural ingredients necessary to make quality organic cosmetics.


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