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Nano-Tex® is a textile company that employs nanotechnology to produce fabrics with revolutionary attributes. By changing the structure of materials at the molecular level, the company has successfully created fabrics that are spill resistant, maintain dryness even when the wearer sweats, control odors, and resist static. The company is essentially redesigning and chemically enhancing molecules which are then turned into the fibers used to create these innovative materials. Nano-Tex® manufactures apparel, home textiles, and fabrics used for both residential and commercial interiors.

Spill resistance is one of the most popular features. This is especially helpful when utilized in the uniform industry, as spill resistance prolongs the life of garments that encounter a higher than average amount of staining liquids. These special fabrics created with nanotechnology have the same look and feel of traditional fabrics, but they are designed to repel dirt and cause liquids to bead up and roll off. Spill resistance can also be combined with a special stain release feature, so even when it appears a tough stain such as motor oil, wine, dirt, or grime has embedded itself into the fabric, the substance is expected to lift right out in the wash. Fabric types available with these features include cotton, rayon, synthetics, wool, polypropylene, and silk.


Another useful property is referred to as "coolest comfort" by Nano-Tex®, and this feature has been used on clothing as well as sheets. Coolest comfort enhanced fabrics have the ability to draw moisture and perspiration away from the skin so it can quickly dry. This is supposed to help regulate body temperature and keep the wearer or sleeper more comfortable. Nano-Tex® also offers odor control. Odors are drawn in, captured, and neutralized. Animal lovers may appreciate the static resistance feature, as this repels lint and pet hair.

Nano-Tex® is able to achieve these results because nanotechnology operates on such a small scale. In the past, fabrics that received stain resistance and other treatments were coated with a chemical that changed the look and feel of the textile because it sealed the entire surface. This left it a bit heavier and stiffer. Nanotechnology allows the individual molecules to be treated and enhanced before they are made into the fibers. This keeps the fabrics soft and breathable, thereby retaining all the good qualities while enhancing them in ways that prolong the life and increase the comfort of the wearer.


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Post 3

@ parmnparsley- you definitely have options as to where you may be able to find a job if you complete your program. A great site you may want to look at is understanding nano. It is a directory that lists different nanotech companies by industry. I happened to stumble across this site, and I found out there are many companies that specialize in nanotechnology.

I am looking to get into the renewable energy field, and nanotechnology is beginning to take center stage in the development of new solar cell technologies. Companies like Konarka and nanosolar are using nano particles and nano semi-conductor ink to make light weight, inexpensive, and flexible solar panels that can be put almost anywhere. They

were also featured in that same National Geographic Magazine that inspired your interest in nanotechnology.

As for your interests, companies like Oxonica and H2Oil are designing nano-fuels that improve efficiency and reduce emissions, both very relevant to the aerospace industry. Good luck in your decision.

Post 2

Can anyone tell me what some of the nanotech companies are? I am thinking about going to college to major in materials science and engineering. I read an article in National Geographic a couple of years ago that really made me want to get into this field, but I want to know if I have options once I get out. I would really like to find a nanotechnology job that is related to the airline industry, or industrial manufacturing. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.

Post 1

This is such an ingenious application of nanotechnology. I know that in the sporting goods and work wear markets, the performance of fabrics is big business. Garments that can repel odor, stains, or prevent penetration of the elements or harmful chemicals can make or break a product. What an interesting article. I never knew how these sophisticated fabrics were made, and now that I do, I appreciate the advances in science much more.

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