What is Nakation?

Mary McMahon

A nakation is a clothing optional vacation. The concept of nakationing was popularized by the American Association for Nude Recreation, an organization which promotes clothing-optional recreation and events, along with partnering organizations on other continents. People who take a nakation choose to visit sites which support the nudist lifestyle, offering clothing optional facilities for guests who wish to take advantage of them.

Private beaches are a popular destination for people on nakation.
Private beaches are a popular destination for people on nakation.

Nude recreation is quite an ancient pursuit. The Greeks, for example, competed in sports competitions in the nude, and the Romans did so as well. Public nudity was also an accepted sight at public baths, where people socialized in the nude. Changing morals in various societies brought about a repression of nudity, with Europeans embracing the concept again in the early 20th century through the nudist and naturist movements, which promoted a back to nature mentality.

On a nakation, people can choose to wear clothing, but don't have to.
On a nakation, people can choose to wear clothing, but don't have to.

Because some people object to nudism, nudists and naturists have historically chosen to isolate themselves at sites where nudity is acceptable, though typically not mandatory. In part, this is designed to respect people who may feel uncomfortable around nude individuals, and designated nude sites also circumvent laws which ban public nudity. Nudists may choose to live in clothing optional communities, vacation at clothing optional hotels and resorts, and sunbathe, swim, or otherwise enjoy the outdoors at clothing optional beaches and other public facilities which cater to nudists.

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On a nakation, people can do whatever they would do on a normal vacation.
On a nakation, people can do whatever they would do on a normal vacation.

The term “nakation” entered the vernacular in the early 21st century, although people had obviously been going on nude vacations long before “nakation” was coined. The popularization of nakations and nude recreation in the early 21st century reflected a shift in public attitudes toward nude vacationing, which was becoming increasingly common. With wider acceptance came a greater possibility for profits, and many resorts, hotels, and even airlines jumped on the opportunity, promoting a nakation-friendly philosophy and earning the endorsement of nudist associations.

On a nakation, people can do the same things they might do on any other vacation, ranging from lying on the beach with a book to hiking or biking on a mountain. Depending on the type of nakation, people may vacation as a group, enjoying the company of like-minded individuals, or they may turn the trip into a more private romantic retreat.

People who want to plan a nakation may want to consult with a nudist organization for a list of recommended hotels, resorts, and packages. While researching the vacation, it's a good idea to read policies published by hosting hotels and resorts. For example, nakationers may be asked to dress in certain areas in a hotel which mixes clothing optional and clothing required areas. Because some hotels and resorts specifically promote a more romantic bent for their nakation packages, nudists with children or people who wish to avoid a romantic atmosphere may want to look for more family-friendly packages.

Ancient Romans socialized at public baths while nude.
Ancient Romans socialized at public baths while nude.

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Nakations or nude vacations are very popular. It's not about what you look like; it's about being comfortable in your own skin and with who you are. Everyone is different and those differences should be celebrated! There is a freedom like no other that you can experience when you're naked and in a comfortable environment. Plus, there are some health benefits as well. There are many family friendly as well, as adult only clothing optional resorts. For a luxury clothing optional adults-only resort in Florida, visit Caliente Resort and Spa.


Desert Sun Resort is the favorite adult only nudist clothing optional resort in the Western U.S. It is in downtown Palm Springs and the only place I would go for a nakation!


Nakationing is great fun. The feeling of being part of nature as God intended is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. The best part, you need to drop your society enforced, brainwashed ideas of what people need to look like. It's what's inside that counts. Hope you have fun!


Nudism means respect of humans as they are! My first souvenir in a nudist resort: an old nude lady on her old bicycle with her breasts descending close to her knees and saying a friendly and respecful "Hi!" and "Welcome" at us ( my wife and me ). Textile people should visit first class family nudist resorts (there are many in U.S. and worldwide); they would discover what's the meaning of the word "respect".


Bicycling naked??? OUCH!


Only a small percentage of women look good naked, and even fewer men.

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