What is Music Technology?

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Music technology is the application of technology, such as computers and software, to the musical arts. Whether it is the use of sequencer and editing software or electronic musical devices, musical technology and its definition expands as technology expands. It is sometimes referred to as sound technology, but while these two fields are similar, they are also vastly different. Music technology encompasses the composition, recording, and playback of music, while sound technology may only encompass the production of various sounds.

Numerous colleges, tech schools, and universities offer study programs in music technology for music majors. In these programs, students can learn about technical and scientific applications as well as study acoustic science, programming, music theory, and business courses related to the music industry. Students can expect to learn digital multi-track recording, MIDI technology, digital sound processing and editing, recording techniques and more. Careers and fields that utilize an education in music and audio technology include studio production and recording, performer/composer, education, sales, and design.

Because music technology is a combination of music and technology, amateurs or those studying it professionally need a solid understanding of both. An ability to read music and play a traditional musical instrument as well as a sound understanding of computers are helpful skill sets for people considering a music technology program of study. Examples of software used in this field include Logic and ProTools.


As technology advances, it finds its way into all sorts of musical applications. For those who are creative and possess musical aptitude as well as computer skills, the possibilities are endless. New sounds and styles of music are created everyday using music technology and the wide array of options it provides. By combining a synthesizer, acoustic guitar, recording software and a computer for example, a breadth of musical stylings can be created.

Music technology and the open file-sharing made possible by the internet have brought about a huge change in how people discover new music and new artists. Even kids, with little or no formal training, are finding ways to compose and record their own music and share it with the world from their own basements. With the advancement of technology, music advances as well and so does the potential for creative individuals to find satisfaction in the form of a hobby or a profession.


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This is cool, but do any artists come to mind? I need it for my music class?

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A few bands come to mind (that use music technology), Dream Theater is the first. Jordan Rudess, their keyboardist, uses a lot of it in his keyboard setup, but he also designs music apps for iPad that he uses as virtual instruments when they record or perform. Frost* is another that uses a lot. Their music is very synthesizer heavy.

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Can anyone tell me what artists use music technology in their songs?

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can anyone tell me if there is any instrument or technology that can detect a particular sound from a cluster of sounds taken from a single receiver.

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Great post - this is a very useful and educational blog. --Janice

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Good information. thanks.

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hey guys, there's such a good informative article, i got clear my concept on this topic.

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