What is Music Management?

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When a musician is ready to further his career in a more professional manner, he must consider music management. Usually bound by contract, a band manager helps to coordinate the day-to-day agenda of a musician or group by establishing relations with publicity and press agents, booking concert or tour dates with music venue owners, and handling recording contracts with producers and other industry professionals. Duties for a manager often go beyond these expectations, and may include arranging transportation and lodging for the band or musician, and maintaining a budget.

A music manager is someone a musician can rely on to play various roles. Early in a band’s career, a manager may serve as the promoting tool that helps the group be successful. Once the manager has booked a show, he or she may be responsible for creating posters or advertisements to publicly announce the event. In addition, music management may write articles or album reviews about the band for publication in entertainment newspapers and magazines.

Photography skills are a great benefit for any band manager. A photo shoot of the band gives record labels an idea of the musician’s public appearance and characteristics. Combining a photo or two with a published article and a demo tape of the music into a press kit or media kit is essential. A media kit should give record labels and music venues direct access to everything they might want to know about the musician.


With the onset of valuable networking tools like Myspace™, music management has taken on a new role. By maintaining up-to-date information on the musician, such as upcoming shows and a blog, management will let fans and potential employers know when and where they can listen and learn about the act. It is crucial for every manager to take advantage of these free promotional tools to assure some recognition for clients.

A music manager’s job is truly never done. Once a musician has achieved a fan base, music management should consider starting a mailing list, via e-mail or postal service, to keep avid fans alert of new tour dates, album releases, or any other current updates from the musician. This process will help ensure a broad fan base, which may include individuals in other countries. Many times, a band will find stardom in a country other than their home nation. It is music management's duty to make the client’s music a global success.


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