What is Muscular Fitness?

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Muscular fitness is a general term that describes the general health, strength, and endurance of one's muscles. Muscular fitness is related to other fitness conditions, such as muscular strength, which describes the amount of resistance that one's muscles can counter, and muscular endurance, which is the amount of muscular work one can do over time. People work to improve their muscles to achieve a number of goals; common goals involve improving one's appearance, improving one's overall health, and reducing stress. To accomplish these goals, people often engage in a rigorous weight training regimen. To accomplish these ambitions, people must often exercise for several hours per week.

There are many possible benefits to improving muscular fitness. One's muscles tend to grow stronger and larger as they gradually become able to lift heavier loads for longer periods of time. Various proteins and other substances that are involved in muscle work are produced in greater quantities, improving muscular strength and endurance. The nervous system can become more efficient, allowing the brain the send instructions to the muscles more clearly and efficiently and removing nervous inhibitions to muscular fitness. There may even be strong psychological benefits; a muscular fitness regimen often leaves an individual less stressed and more focused.


Muscular fitness encompasses many factors of muscular performance relating to strength, endurance, and overall health. Muscular strength is measured in two primary ways: Dynamic strength is a measure of the maximum weight that can be lifted once, while static strength is a measure of the maximum force that one can apply to an unmoving object, such as a wall. Muscular endurance is measured through multiple lifting repetitions using weights that are below one's maximum capacity. Isometric endurance is simply a measure of how long one can hold a certain amount of weight with no movement or repetitions. Muscular strength and endurance improve when muscle fibers grow stronger and new muscles form and when the supply of oxygen and energy to the muscles becomes more efficient.

The ways of improving muscular fitness are closely related to the ways of measuring it. To improve dynamic strength, for example, one must generally lift weights repeatedly. One should also gradually increase the weight he is lifting. Over time, this strengthens and increases the number of muscle fibers, making muscles stronger. Lifting weights is also an important part of developing muscular endurance. With endurance improvement, however, it is important to use lighter weights that can be lifted with more repetitions.


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Post 7

Muscular fitness is very important for maintaining a good health. I recently read about the programme fitness program for keeping a healthy and fit body. It really works for keeping a healthy body.

Post 6

One thing I have always found interesting is the number of overweight people who only stick to aerobic exercise to shed their weight. When I had a personal trainer she told me that working on my muscular fitness would be the best thing I could do to see the weight come down.

As a rule, muscle burns more calories than fat. So if you can add some muscle to your body you become more efficient with handling foods.

If you are muscle training and gain some weight on your diet, don't be upset. They can check and see if it is muscle or fat you have gained. If it is muscle, be proud! It is going to work really hard to take care of the food you do eat, plus you'll appear more toned in the long run.

Post 5

If you are interested in improving your muscular fitness and aren't sure where to start, joining a gym that offers a free session with a personal trainer is a great idea.

Often I see people at the gym who are using the free weights incorrectly and I worry that they are going to pull or tear a muscle with the way they are flailing about. I think that everyone, when pursuing muscle training, should speak to a professional about how to do things right. I will not only save you frustration from not seeing results, but will keep you from getting hurt as well.

Post 4

@ dimpley - Here is some information that I have learned about women and muscular fitness.

1. Women have a potential for developing muscular fitness especially in their upper bodies.

2. Muscle training is not just for men. Women can develop tight, firm (not large) muscles. They will also feel more capable of physical activity and lower their risk of injury.

3. Training consistently will make you more flexible, not muscle bound.

4. Don't over-do. A thirty-minute muscular work-out about 3 times a week will keep your muscles firm.

5. When you stop training, your muscles won't turn to fat. One kind of tissue can't turn into another. By not using your muscles, they just get somewhat smaller.

6. Strength training is for everyone. Even the elderly can improve their ability to function by doing strength training.

7. Keep your exercise routine simple, efficient, and fun to help you stick with it long term.

Post 3

I am personally more into aerobic sorts of exercise, but I would really love to tone up some of those places that are still a little soft.

The thing is that I am totally not wanting to be big or bulky in anyway. Just a little bit of toning and sculpting is all that I’m after.

How does one go about the process of getting the lines that they want without adding all of that extra bulk? I’m a pretty feminine lady, and I really do want to stay that way. I also want to be able to be in the best shape possible, and not just with aerobic exercise benefits.

Post 2

@JaneAir - That's great! Pull-ups are a really good way to work on your fitness if you don't have a lot of time. You should remember to give your muscles a rest every other day day though. Perhaps you could introduce some exercises that target your leg muscles and alternate those every other day with the pull-ups?

It's always essential to get some variety in your workout regimen so you don't overtire your muscles or get bored.

Post 1

I've been working on getting more fit recently but it's hard with my busy schedule. I did a little bit of research and one of the best exercises for muscular strength fitness is the pull-up because it works the muscles in your arms, back and abs.

I purchased one of those at home pull-up bars a few weeks ago and I'm already seeing some results. I try to do a few reps of several different kind of pull-ups: regular, wide grip, and reversed grip. I'm sore the next day but it's totally worth it.

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