What is Multilink PPP?

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Multilink PPP is a communications strategy that makes use of the basic concept of point-to-point protocol. Essentially, the approach allows for the utilization of more than one PPP communication port in order to achieve a higher amount of bandwidth to work with. This type of communications protocol can often be employed with a personal computer and thus enhance the overall efficiency of many tasks.

The utilization of Multilink PPP can be especially helpful in locations where dial up connections to the Internet are the only alternative. The end user will make use of two different modems to establish independent connections to the Internet. The connections are made to the same Internet Service Provider. Assuming that the ISP allows for this type of connectivity, the end user can effectively double the operating speed, as the two connections divide the requested data into packets that are simultaneously transmitted through each connection, then recombined at the user end.


However, there are other applications for Multilink PPP that go beyond simply increasing the speed associated with dial up service. The same concept is often employed in fiber optic systems that function primarily as a means of providing audio signaling. Cable modems can also employ Multilink PPP to enhance transmission. Satellite transmissions can also make use of the principles of Multilink PPP in order to increase the efficiency of data transfers. The overall simplicity of employing this type of multiple connection protocol makes it easily adaptable to a number of different situations, and can often be an ideal solution for persons located in relatively isolated areas.

Multilink PPP is one of the older protocols used with Internet connectivity. The concept dates back to the early 1990’s and was often used by small businesses to increase speed and efficiency with Internet use before the advent of more robust methods of connecting came into common usage. Today, the same general ideas behind older applications of Multilink PPP still function well with newer technology, and are likely to continue to be utilized for a number of years.


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